So you think you’re a genius?

Can you feel it? No, really. Best party trick ever. And when I say ever, I am including past times of magical prophets and Annunaki. Why should I pay $1000 for dinner at the Temple, when I can feel like I’ve been exorcised just by watching one video on  YouTube?

Here’s Hampton Williams and his own style he calls “Exorcist Style”. He can take your pain and your fear and interpret it, and then you won’t have it no more. Don’t believe me? Watch it and see for yourself.

Singer/artist/genius/demi-god Hampton was a contestant on a recent “So You Think You Can Dance”? Do I think that he can? Ummm, yes. If someone can dance and change peoples’ lives, then yes, they are entitled to think that.

One of the judges, inventor of “krumping” Lil’ C, gives his review:

“when it comes to freestyle from the heart and the soul and creating something that nobody has seen before, and really trying to move people…that’s what I’m about. And so when i see that and you coming to an arena and a realm like this, and you don’t have a problem putting yourself out there like this…hats off to you. I enjoyed every millisecond of this performance” – Amen.

I ain’t playing. This video will change your life. These are the new developments we are getting now in 2012. Post-Venus transit, post-Eclipse , YouTube can do this to you. It’s not a software upgrade, it’s a consciousness upgrade for all humanity. People like this are stepping forward, and using the power of social media to rise to the top of our culture. This is the authentic power of a Burner… not some enforced bureaucratic external power of an autocracy like BMOrg. Those structures are brittle and false, prone to corruption, politics and ego. Authentic power is like water. Unstoppable. Hooked up to social networking, this source of infinite love for all of us is going to be unstoppable now – and you saw it highlighted here first. Mark my words. The genie is out of the bottle now, technology can heal our souls, dance can heal our souls, we don’t need Lady Gaga and Satanic Masonic symbolism. Authentic power will defeat every trick in the book, and that’s why, throughout history, good always triumphs over evil. Good speaks the language of We, but evil can only speak the language of I.

Hats off to Hampton – this guy is a fucking Burner. He’s welcome forever at our camp. No memorization of cult principles is required here. This is love, pure and simple, from the heart. Make love your goal.

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