Hardcore Parkour

A couple of months back we brought you word of a new documentary about Parkour that featured Burning Man. Well, it’s available to download now. If you really want to steal it, it’s on Pirate Bay, or you can pay anything – even a dollar – to download an HD version here.

Here’s an exclusive interview we did with film-maker Cedric Dahl:

When did you first go to Burning Man, and how many Burns have you been to?

I’ve been to 2 Burns, first in 2010, fell in love with it & came back in 2011 to film People in Motion.

What has the attitude of the BMOrg authorities, the artists, the DPW, and Law enforcement been towards parkour at Burning Man?

The BMOrg & everyone else has been entirely supportive. We’ve collaborated with BM from the start of this project to keep them aware of what we’re doing, our intentions, & to be as transparent as possible.

How do you see Burning Man? Art festival, music festival, city in the desert…parkour playground?

Burning Man, for me, is about asking questions. Why? Why not? What if? What next? The community, the art, the culture, everything makes you ask these questions, both about your self and humanity at large. It’s the best refresher in life I’ve ever experienced. After each burn you learn new things about what you as an individual are capable of experiencing and what human potential can do when it’s unencumbered by social norms. Like my buddy David says, “it’s like a post apocolyptic town, that’s working”

Do you believe there is a deeper message in parkour? Is it something that can make the world a better place, and if so, how?

It seems that Parkour is really about architecture. Through parkour a wall becomes more than a wall, it becomes a runway, a springboard, really, it becomes whatever you can make it. Fundamentally Parkour allows you to stop interacting with things the way their intended to be interacted with & it allows you to start playing them in whatever way you’d like. This re-architecting of your reality transcends the physical & allows practitioners to re-architect what they think they’re capable of, it allows you to become a more capable person. (also, here’s a link to an interview we did which explains this idea in a bit more depth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i48UWt41COE#t=05m32s)

What is next for you guys after this?

We’ll we’re currently running a Tribal Technology Incubator called the Nerditorium, check out our upcoming projects & learn a bit more about us at TheNerditorium.com


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