Some Burning Man 2012 Photo Galleries for you

Some great photos here for your enjoyment. I am sure there are millions more that will be shared on the Internet in the days to come.

And there’s already a quora on How was Burning Man 2012 different from previous years.

25 photos in Rolling Stone

Curious Josh LA Weekly Slideshow

36 photos in the Village Voice (Curious Josh again)

99 photos from the Houston Chronicle

38 Hedonistic Photos

21 photo recap

57 photos in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat

15 Animated GIFs from Curious Josh

4 comments on “Some Burning Man 2012 Photo Galleries for you

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  2. Holy FUCK.
    I just saw they used my photos for a “10 creepiest masks” post because of your article.

    I’m so irate. That’s out of my license to them, and I’ll get it pulled asap.
    those were amazing masks by talented artists.

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