Free Form Wrap-up

Free Form was a lot of fun, and felt a bit like the earlier days of Burning Man (I first went in 1998).

There were some great art cars, especially the Lady Bugs from Overkill and Davina the Dragon. Thanks to Leif, Yarrow and Christian for all the rides.

portable stripper poles in the Echo Collective dome

There were girls wandering around topless, naked guys with pharaoh hats driving Segways, Santas on stilts, even a hippie fuck show we named “Ride Her on the Ryder” – a naked couple going for it doggie style on top of the Ryder truck at our camp. And I mean going for it, for quite some time and with more than a little vigor. It made Woodstown feel a bit like Woodstock (which is actually nearby).

Davina the Dragon chasing the tasty beats of a Lady Bug

There were also kids wandering around, which is always disconcerting at a party like this where people are naked and messy and the music did not stop for more than 100 hours. We saw some freaks so wasted they were humping inanimate objects, like the grass in the paddock. Maybe they ate the brown acid?

The music was outstanding, particularly at Echo Collective. There was bicycle

this is the effigy that was burned on Saturday night

jousting, free ice cream, and theme camps gifting stuff. A lot of people went to the trouble of creating a theme camp and actively contributing to the party.  On Saturday night there was a Burn, which felt refreshingly like being on the Playa. Once the statue burned – in this case a tree with a bird’s nest – everyone danced around it in a circle.

The event was held at the Woodstown fairgrounds, opposite the local Cowboy Rodeo. I would estimate about 600 people attended, including at least 10 art cars. Would we go back? For sure. The world needs more Burns!

useful bicycle transportation

Lady Bugs charging at night at the Overkill trailer

The Temple; look for this at Burning Man 2012

the driver of this Jenky hay ride was the happiest farmer ever

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