Putting the Spark in the Pony: Burning Man launches new collaboration site

This year’s ticket fiasco has decimated theme camps, slaughtered art projects, and left many Burners homeless.

Earlier in the year, an enterprising Burner created the Playadex as a solution to this problem. Now Burning Man have copied/stolen this idea, creating an official collaboration part of their web site, called Spark.

Spark provides a way that those who want to contribute, can get in touch with those who have requirements for skills and resources.

This comes perhaps a little late in the game, with the Man Burning in 6 weeks. At least the BMOrg are making a token effort to help the community. Of course, coming from  BMOrg, there are lots of rules, multiple identities are not allowed (keep your Playa names to yourself!), commerce is not allowed.

Spark is an online application designed to facilitate connections and collaborations within the Burning Man Community.  Spark provides a place for groups or individuals to post a listing for skill sets and/or resources they need or have to offer.  Spark provides a secure place to make connections with other Participants to help foster greater collaboration in efforts related to theme camps, art projects, mutant vehicles and other Burning Man related projects.

It is the goal of these guidelines to help foster a strong, supportive community.


  • Spark exists to support the Burning Man community.
  • In order to do so, it must support the interests of ongoing Spark Members who may have a variety of needs and reasons for using this online resource.
  • Everyone is capable of contributing positively to the community.

Expected Behavior

  • Before posting a listing, consider the 10 principles.
  • The purpose of Spark is to connect Participants who have resources to offer with Participants in need of resources. Please keep this intended use in mind when posting listings.
  • Illegal activities are prohibited.
  • Spark is a no-commerce zone. Advertising items for sale will not be tolerated. Gifting and sharing of resources are encouraged. Please communicate financial or transaction details in private messages between interested parties. Fundraising and Event promotions for on-Playa art, mutant vehicles, and theme camps is not allowed.
  • Your listings are a reflection on you. Be careful in how you present yourself.
  • We encourage you to represent yourself as you are known in everyday life and on the playa. Multiple identities are prohibited.
  • Remember that there is a thinking, feeling human being behind every username.

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