Brilliant idea for the Playa

big ups to Papa Swan for this useful tip. Get a caribiner mug, and tape a copy of your ID to it. That way you don’t have to risk losing your actual license in the madness of the Playa.

As the Papa Swan of The Dusty Swan Public Craic House and Celtic Cinema, I would like to offer a tip to our younger patrons.

In the past few years, the BLM and other law enforcement agencies have cracked down hard on pubs and bars for under-age drinking, to the extent of sending in young agents for sting operations. Getting caught servng alcohol to anyone under 21 is an immediate $1,100 fine! Ouch! So, if you’re 25, but everyone thinks you look 18, you will need ID, or no one (at least no one with a brain) is going to fill your cup. Of course, you don’t want to bring your license with you for a night on the playa! What if you lose it? You’re screwed! And where will you keep it when you are wearing little or nothing at all? 

You will, of course, have your own cup/mug/water bottle with you because, as every good burner knows, this is a Bring-Your-Own-Cup event. So here’s what you do. Make a photo copy of your driver’s license or other legal ID. Then use clear packing tape to attach the ID to your cup, making sure the tape extends around all edges of the ID so liquid doesn’t get in and make it all grody. You now have legal proof of age, and your license is safely back at your tent!

We hope to see you and your ID-enhanced mug at The Dusty Swan ( at 4:45 and Hyacinth! We will happily fill said mug with beer or irish Coffee!

Thanks Papa Swan, great advice, great idea, I wish I still looked young enough to need it!

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  2. are vendors insructed to accept ‘mugIDs’…. i mean its easy to fake that and then underagers will do this.. how can we be sure to be served with a photocopy? i love the idea… maybe we could just use a QR code instead that links to your Linkedin profile or something trusted that includes your burner profile.. yes just do that!

    thoughts? – KRONiS of Camp Tsunami

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