Flying Saucers are coming!

Yep, that’s right. Not just do-gooder drones. Expect to see all kinds of cool stuff in the skies above Burning Man this year.

Unfortunately, anyone looking to the sky for a delivery of fresh tacos, might be shit outta luck, unless we get some sort of Divine Alien Taco Intervention. The TacoCopter turned out to be a hoax. Perhaps Joint Copter will be more successful…

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      • You are the first one to have read this. Thank you for the time and trouble,as it was a long read. Being in the same category with anything resembling scientific literature is to much, If this were introduced into mainstream science, it would have imediatly been rejected(no particles and all). Introduced higher up it would be covered. Now for Burning Man , its just another flying saucer story and it is totally seperated from the normal establishment. And who knows, it might be usfull. Anyway thanks for reading it. It was a long read.

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