Rent a Segway for Burning Man (update)

Want to be the coolest kid on the block? Want to be even cooler than a shirtcocker? Want to get around the Playa without peddling pedalling? Then maybe renting a Segway is the answer for you. Just look out for Darktards and “speed bumps”…

Going to Burning Man? Looking for a fun and practical way to get around? Riding a Segway is the best way to get around at Burning Man! Rent a Segway for just $729. Segway of Oakland is the only reliable Segway renter in the Bay Area and has been in business for ten years, supplying the Bay Area with Segway rental, repairs, and sales! Segway of Oakland has also been renting Segways specifically for Burning Man for the past 5 years.

“Nothing is more convenient than zipping across the playa on a personal Segway” says Darren Romar, co-owner of Segway of Oakland. With quick acceleration/deceleration and a zero turning radius the Segway is extremely maneuverable even in crowded areas. Get around quicker than on foot and with less effort than a bicycle. Not just a convenient way to get around, the Segway is fun too.

The rental period is from 8/24/12 to 9/3/12. Extra days can be added for a fee, early pick-up or late drop-off is $99.00 per day per Segway. Rental Segways can also be picked up at the Grand Sierra Hotel in Reno, NV for greater convenience. A hold will be put in the credit card of the renter for the retail value of the Segway, until the Segway is returned intact. If renting more then one Segway, more than one credit card will need to be used

Please call Segway of Oakland at (510)832-2429 or toll free at 1-888-8-SEGWAY with any further questions or to reserve a spot, because spots are limited and they go fast!

via Segway of Oakland Offer Segway Rentals for Burning Man.

[Update 7/22/12] Segway of Oaksterdam have updated their fleet to the latest “X2 generation” with off-road tires. They will clean the Segway for you. They’re also throwing in a Vaporizer with every rental. The handling fee for Grand Sierra pickup and drop-off is $200.

unlike past years these are x2’s with the lean steer handling and the best off-road tires. These units get around like nothing else ever made and this is one of the most eco-friendly powered vehicle anywhere because of it’s extreme light weight and small size.

…you’ll have an opportunity to try the miniVAP vaporizer, the most exclusive unit on the market. With all new glass-free technology the miniVAP reaches better temperature control and has better purity than other vaporizer portables such as the Magic Flight vaporizer, Vapexhale Cloud vaporizer, Arizer Solo vaporizer, or other leading portable vaporizer brands.

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  2. Bikes are great, but i broke my knee wrecking my bike on the playa my first year, took a Segway last year, and it was awesome. I got to see so much more and so much easier on my body.

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