Slow down – or life in the Fast Lane?

A friend posted this video on Facebook, it seems like a timely sentiment for Burners starting to get caught up in the mad rush of costume making, art car building, and other preparations for the Playa. It’s also a good psychological preparation for n00bz contemplating the Temple Burn.

Chill out, slow down…at least until this Friday, when the Crystal Method will be tearing up the Funktion1’s at Public Works, courtesy of our favorite SF DJ crew, Opulent Temple and Opel Productions.

Rumor has it that the spectacular Egyptian-themed DJ booth of Osiris, at 10:00 & Begonia, will be hosting Crystal Method at the Burn this year.

Of course, this Friday, at 7:30PM, also sees the kick-off of the London Olympics – in some ways, an epic Burner event. In honor of that, here’s the world’s fastest man, striving for even more, with a dope remix…

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