Tickets now selling below face value on eBay and Stubhub

The Magical Ticket Abundance is in full swing now. Burners Blues Bob said it well:

June, 2012 : “Good luck finding a ticket!!”
Aug., 2012 : “Good luck selling your ticket!!”

There are plenty going below face value on eBay at around $250 (with 0 bids BTW), and hundreds more over at StubHub below $390.

BMorg says that this is all “as anticipated”. Yes, such amazing foresight they have shown so far.

As anticipated, now that people’s plans are changing, there are plenty of tickets being sold on the ePlaya.

Perhaps you’d like to follow their suggestion instead of ours, and spend a bit more money for face value tickets over at their official site. You know, to stick it to the scalpers and everything.

This has drawn the ire of some Burners on Facebook:

Burner Carl: “it was so anticipated that the org anticipated a ticket problem and created the lottery. lol.”

Burner Josh: ““As anticipated,” the lottery was a total and complete clusterfuck. Great — now plenty of tourists can buy tickets and spectate. The folks who work year-round to create and share amazing sights/sounds/experiences at BRC are the ones who got screwed. The Burn starts in two weeks. They should start their projects now? Yeesh.”

Burner Paul: “ I think “as anticipated” is rather a slap on the face to Burners who’ve been stressed about this entire train wreck since the lottery was introduced.”

Burner Claudia: “The public relations nightmare I was referring to has to do with perception. In this instance, reality doesn’t matters; what matters are people’s perceptions. It was perceived that ticketing was messed up and the negative talk from long time camps and even virgins was detrimental. Even if BMORG admitted the lotto was a mess, they couldn’t quell the amount of negative talk that went down. Large longtime camps not coming, artists not working on big projects, art cars not coming and the magic that was burningman was perceived to have been ruined by greed. Of course, we know that the reality of that is not entirely true. Also, the concept that special tickets should be given to long time burners was elitist, creating a negative impression for relatively new camps and/or virgins. It was all perception and now a last minute ticket can’t fix people feeling that somehow the magic is gone. I, on the other hand, know that burningman is what I make of it, and I’d take a last minute ticket if I could. But I agree, it would be foolish for people coming from long distances to plan, purchase supplies, prep and travel without a ticket in hand.”

Burner Sean: “Bman org think its wonderful that whoooppeeee some tickets are now available. You know how many big ass camps, art cars, people, performers, ect are NOT GOING TO BE THERE THIS YEAR? I’ve been working my ass off to get my art car at least running. Due to the ticket issue then the late info roll on the DMV…I stopped working on my art car for a total of 6 months. Why bother continue to build until I knew I was going. So, I guess a 1/2 built art car will just have to do. It kinda sucks. What a gamble!”

Burner Anna Marie…I’m not quite sure what exactly she’s saying, but I kinda get the gist…”Ya now that STEP is over and u have our money. We can’t turn our will call tickets back in for sale. Forcing us to pick our tickets up at will call. Then tell us will call doesn’t open till 6:00 pm on Sunday. Our friends can’t go now so u win. U get to keep their money. Tickets are none transferable. I call bull shit. Why can’t we have our tickets we paid for them and now you want to hold us hostage. Im a 10 year burner don’t you have a fancy enough system to see that were not scalpers. Ive kept my mouth shut through out this whole thing but come really.”

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