Disorient Announces 2012 Line-up

My friends over at Disorient, in the frozen wastelands of Eastern sound camps at 3:30 and Esplanade, have a stellar lineup for us once again. Stanton Warriors and K-Mack, Syd Gris, Dirty Bird. I’m keen to check out the PEX vs DEX after meeting some of the Philly Burners at Free Form Festival in South Jersey, and hearing the amazing sounds of Echo Collective in particular.

Last year, Disorient wowed us with their Funktion One sound system. This year, they’re taking the show on the road – a veritable armada of art cars, in a roaming party. Look for a Beacon, no doubt designed by Disorient uber-artist Leo Villareal:

Once upon a time . . . there was a BEACON, and that beacon led you to Disorient. The beacon became a SIGN, lighting your way to our wicked beats! Then the sign began to MOVE, confusing the denizens of Black Rock City, but never failing to point the way to the party. Burned in flames, the sign was reborn as the Art Car Wash and later, the home to the epic GEODESIC TEMPLE. Feeling the tug of the deep playa once again, the SIGN RISES from the flames to once again ROAM the playa, lighting the way to Burning Man’s most epic roaming party! 



>> Monday <<

All Disorient DJs
Location: at Disorient Camp, 3:30 & Esplanade

9:30pm B-town (Denton TX)
11:00pm Patrick Skinner (NYC)
12:30pm Douggie Style (Astoria, NYC)
2:00am Sean Sparks (Denton TX)
3:30am Plastic Adi (NYC)

>> Tuesday <<

A night of Breakbeats with a side of DirtyBird, sunny-side up
Location: Deep Playa

9:30pm Syd Gris (Opulent Temple)
11:00pm Jacques the Ripper
12:30am Kimba
2:00am DJ Icon
3:30am Eric Jag
5-8am DIRTYBIRD (Christian Martin & Worthy)

>> Wednesday <<

Bathroom Beacons Toilet Bowling Playa Party!
Location: The Toilet Bowl – 9:00 Promenade potty

4:00pm Big Daddy (PEX/Big Puffy Yellow)
5:30pm Big Jawn (PEX)

Philly Night at Disorient
Location: Deep Playa

9:00pm Marko Peli (Mosaic Lounge)
10:30pm Elixir (Disorient/Space Pirates)
12:00am Lee Mayjahs? (PEX)
1:30am Coyoti (Disorient/PEX/Freeform)
3:00am Everyday (PEX)
4:30am EZ Almighty (Disorient/Space Pirates)

>> Thursday <<

LA Night at Disorient
Location: Deep Playa

5:00pm Mike Leon
6:30pm Pumpkin
8:00pm Erik Nelson
9:30pm LushBunny
11:00pm DivaDanielle
12:30am Wolfie
2:00am Tek Freaks
3:00am Loomer
4:00am Black 22s
5:00am Todd Spero
6:30am Idiot Savant

>> Friday <<

Hosted by Disorient NYC
Location: Deep Playa

10:00pm Soul Mob (Baltimore)
11:30pm m i s s s a b a d o (Disorient, NYC)
1:00 am DJ Kramer (DISTRIKT, SF)
2:30 am Friar Tuck (Disorient, Brooklyn)
4:00 am Treavor (Moontribe / Desert Dwellers, LA)
5:30 am Mysti (Disorient, NYC)

>> Saturday BURN Night <<

Location: Between the ashes of the Man and Disorient’s camp @ 3:30 & Esplanade

10pm Special Guest
11:00 EZ Almighty
12:00 Lexel
1am EVA
2:00 Marques Wyatt
3:30 Keith MacKenzie
4:45 Stanton Warriors
6:00 Loomer

***** at HOME in the DOME *****

Laid back music on the early side.
In the Disorient Dome at 3:30 & Esplanade.

8:30-10pm Jean Dominique

7-8:30pm Lexel
10-11:30pm ElCaPiTaN
1-2:30am Coyoti
2:30-4am Miss Sabado

8:30-10pm Ben Encanti
1-2:30am Grant Kaye & Justin Levi
2:30am TeeJay

7-8:30pm DJ Blanco
8:30-10pm Ghost Daddies
10pm-11:30 The Good Doctor
11:30pm – 1 Orange Krush
1am – 2:30 Mooch

10-11:30pm Douggie Style

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