Getting Naked at Burning Man Too Hard? Try Summer Blaze

Burner Adel has asked us to promote Summer Blaze: The Orphans, an alternative to Burning Man being held at the “clothing optional” Lupin Lodge at Los Gatos.

They can accomodate up to 1200 people, all of whom have to pass a Megan’s Law background check. Once you’re there, the Lodge restaurant is open. There’s no fire twirling, and no amplified music allowed at camp sites, but there are The Orphans, a Silent Rave tree and 44 DJs.

Like Burning Man, Tickets are now “half price”, at $70 + $10 parking fee.

The ticket abundance is showing that anyone who wants to do Burning Man this year can go. So, we don’t think there are a huge amount of Burners looking for something else to do instead. But, you never know. If anyone checks out Summer Blaze, please let us know how it went.

The Orphans

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