Easter Bunny Brings Plenty More Tickets [Update]

this Bunny Slippers?

Bunny Slippers, anyone?

Thanks to Anonymous Burner for this tip-off. Tickets and Vehicle Passes are still for sale. Just go to your Burner Profile.

Screenshot 2016-03-27 17.37.33

Screenshot 2016-03-27 17.22.01Anonymous Burner questions how would we know if only 500 of these tickets get sold? If 5,000 were sold at this price, how would we know?

November, 2013. I made the call. Burning Man tickets $500, and above $1000 by 2020.

My prediction is we will see ticket prices go above $500 in the next 3 years, and I would not be surprised if they were more than $1000 by 2020

Little did I know that we would hit both milestones in 2016.

Think I’m kidding? The cost to buy 2 tickets and a vehicle pass in 2016 is $973.74. You pay a $7 service fee on each item you purchase, even though it’s a single transaction and mailing.


bm2016 tickets

It might not sound like much to BMOrg, managing their almost $40 million annual budget; but 9% Live Entertainment tax on 2 $390 tickets should be $70.20, and Burners are being charged $70.74. I mean hey, it’s only 54 cents, what’s that on a $500 ticket? $37,800 $18,900 if you’re the one selling 70,000 tickets! That is more than any individual art grant (unless you’re David Best)

What sort of mindset do these people have, that they would do this to us? Rip us off even further, for less than an extra 0.01% take. When we are the ones providing their party in the first place.

One wonders if this random number for the Live Entertainment Tax of $70.74 is because they really mean $77.40 – what the 9% would be if we were paying the tax on the Vehicle Pass as well.

The vehicle passes look cheap, the tickets look kinda pricey.


Screenshot 2016-03-27 17.51.01

Tickets are around $750 on eBay and Vehicle Passes start at $250.



[Update 3/28/16 7:26am]

In the comments, Trey said:

The extra $.54 is explained on the website ticket cost page. No conspiracy.

Who said anything about a conspiracy? We’re clearly being ripped off by BMOrg, it gets worse every year, and no conspiracy theory is required to see that because it is obvious to anyone who pays for their own ticket.

But what of this comment?

I went to the “website ticket cost page” – presumably this http://tickets.burningman.org/

I searched for “54”. Nada.”27″ just took me to the 27,000 vehicle passes.

On the ticket support page that Nomad (not Trey) helpfully posted, there is a clue – but you have to be very, very dedicated to get to it.

At the very bottom of the FAQ is an item: Live Entertainment Tax. This item requires you to log in before you can even read it. And it’s not logging in to your Burner profile: it’s yet ANOTHER account with BMOrg to create. It requires 2-factor authentication, you have to verify your email with them – before they can answer any “Frequently Asked Questions” about the tax. The password security on this account is much higher than on the Burner profile, so you might need to pick a new password also. I guess BMOrg is terribly concerned about hackers trying to get answers to frequently asked questions. Fortunately, no hacker could ever figure out how to create a fake email account – phew! Nice saving us from scalpers and hackers, BMOrg!

In three decades of using the World Wide Web, this is the first time I have ever encountered an FAQ where some of the answers were password-protected. Helpful? Transparent? Or more PITA jumping through senseless hoops, to avoid giving Burners a straight answer?

When you get there, it says:

Screenshot 2016-03-28 07.30.47


Then I found this on the Tickets Page:

  • A 9% Nevada Live Entertainment Tax will be added to the price of all tickets and $3 of the $7 per ticket service fee. Will Call delivery is the only delivery method subject to this tax. The $12 Will Call delivery charge will be inclusive, meaning additional tax will not be added for choosing this delivery method ($1.08 of the $12 fee is built-in tax).

Let me try to parse these two statements, so we can figure out what’s going on. They’re sure not making it easy for us.

You pay $7 on top of each item. Ticket, vehicle pass, doesn’t matter.

You pay $0.27 per ticket extra for the Live Entertainment Tax being applied to just $3 of the total $7″handling” fees; all handling is done by computers outside Nevada.

Although you pay the same handling fee for buying a vehicle pass in this transaction, you don’t have to pay any tax on vehicle passes.

You pay $1.08 tax out of your $12 Will Call fee, but Burners don’t have to pay this particular sub-tax because BMOrg will.

Everything else, Burners pay.

Why is it 9% of $3 of the $7? That will require some further password-protected answers, probably. I certainly couldn’t find an explanation in the FAQ.

As Nomad says, have you ever seen a more convoluted and confusing ticketing system?

So each ticket is $390 Face Value

Actual cost is $397

And the tax on each ticket is (390 * .09) + (3 * .09) = $35.10 + $0.27 = $35.37

Making each ticket (without vehicle pass): $432.37

plus $22 domestic mailing charge = $454.37

plus $87 vehicle pass = $541.37

Look at what we have to go through, just to figure out how much tickets cost. It’s certainly not “$390 – unchanged from last year”. Tickets actually cost 40% more than face value – yet Burners are supposed to snitch on other Burners selling tickets for anything more? Because we’re trying to prevent scalpers? It’s quite clear who is selling tickets above face value, from the very beginning.

In the example I gave originally, each ticket was subject to an additional 27c “Live Handling Tax”, creating a further 54c cost to buy two tickets. So I was incorrect in saying that BMOrg benefits by $37,800. It was a mere $18,900.

BMOrg are collecting the tax from us now, when they sell the ticket. But the tax isn’t due until the event, almost half a year away.

Now, interest rates are low, and it’s not a great time to be sitting on cash. But you can still get more than 1% on a 6-month CD. The best offer here is 1.6% and here 1.74%, but that is retail. People with powerful friends on the inside of the banking system (not to mention $40 million or so in up front cash) could probably get better deals.

How much interest does BMOrg earn on our tax money, before handing it over to the Nevada government?

Screenshot 2016-03-28 09.37.18

The new information that the Live Entertainment Tax is not being charged on vehicle passes, but is being charged on $3 of each handling fee (for tickets, not vehicle passes), is now incorporated in this chart. However, we may still be missing 4,000 tickets worth of revenues from the count.

There has been a lot of talk about 72,000 tickets this year, including tickets to staff and Fire Conclave performers (not that a live performance is live entertainment, or anything…). The change on total revenue from this has a significant impact:

If those extra 4000 tickets are sold at $397, $38,861,090

If they are sold at the VIP “Da Vinci” price, $42,392,690

They are being sold right now at the VIP price – the point of this post. But we are told only 500 of these are available and the total tickets for paid participants is 68,000, so anything else is pure speculation.

Sticking to what we know – $2,682,900 LET; and a retail 1.74% interest rate for 6 months, how much could BMOrg make in interest? $23,341.23

For BMOrg to eat the Live Entertainment Tax on handling fees for all of us, not just Will Call users, would have cost them less than the interest they’re going to earn from collecting the tax money from us now and paying the government after the event.


[Update 3/28/16 11:47am]

Vivid tickets have cheaper prices than either eBay or Stubhub – $748.


Anonymous Burner confirmed that even after buying two VIP tickets, the link is still available on their profile to buy more.

2016 vip ticket



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  3. I am in agreement burnsersxxx. The Borg email stated

    In anticipation of high demand and a high server load, a 20-minute waiting room will open Wednesday, March 23 at 11:45am PDT. Actual sales begin at 12:05pm PDT.

    Opening multiple browser tabs won’t improve your chances; when the sale opens, everyone in the 20-minute waiting room will be assigned a place in line that is not related to when they entered the sale. Anyone who joins after 20 minutes will be placed in line after those already in the queue.

    In actuality, what occurred is the opposite of what the Borg stated. Black is White. Any people whom opened their browser window prior to near to 11:35am, and waited for the sale at 12:05pm, gained near to 7,000 tickets. In addendum, any people whom opened their browser window after near to 12:04pm gained tickets. In addendum, any people whom opened a new browser after 12:05pm gained tickets. Few Burners whom obeyed the Borg gained tickets. How might it be possible for an organization to screw the people whom desire to obey them in such a horrible manner?

    Might this be solely one year, it might be a coincidence. But, in due of the Borg screwing Burners for many years, in favour of radical inclusion of numerous spectators, in a random manner, as Larry desires, and rich people, as Larry desires, it is most difficult to be of the belief of it is solely a coincidence.

    My belief is of the Burning Man Project board, purposed for the benefit of the Burning Man Project, must fire Larry, in addendum of one, or two, of his mates. In addendum of, my belief is of the Burning Man Project board must disclose of the massive conflicts of interests of the six members of the Borg, of the details of their contract for the sale of the Burning Man(tm) trademarks, and other IP, within 2018, to donors of cash, stock, art, and labour, or fire them might they not desire to disclose of their conflicts of interests.

    • Might a promoter desire to pen a guest post about their festival, a manner of doing so might be one of their mates interview them about their festival in a similar manner of a Terry Gotham post.

  4. At the least, the Borg admitted to the first difficulty, of the waiting room prior to 11:30am, of 3,500 people gaining near to 7,000 tickets in this manner. The Borg did not admit to the big second difficulty, of the opening of new browsers gained a new place within the queue, or state it did not occur. The Borg PR stated of it was a last minute change, thus the email the night prior of the sale, but the Burner whom posted the difficulties stated the software was in place days prior of the sale, perchance, for the first DaVinci sale, or the $990 ticket sale, I do not know which.

    • Another way to look at that: Ticketfly opened a “room” at 11:30 for insiders (employees, friends of friends). This was not for professional scalping, just facilitating insiders to get tix they could sell for a grand each. Once 7000 tickets were sold at 11:30 am, half an hour before ticket sales began, they just gave up and hit reset. The rest of the tickets sold to people who logged on after 12:05 and got through instantly.

      • There are a couple of reports of people getting in the queue between 11:45-12:00 and getting tickets. Others in that window didn’t. Everyone before 11:45 (officially impossible) got tickets: 7000.

        Seems like anyone who tried at 12:05, 12:07 got it instantly. To do that they must have bypassed the queue. If transactions fail before commit, those tickets could go back to “last in, first served”. I think you understand what I mean ABP, will try to be more clear in the proper post.

      • Tickets should go on sale at 12:00:01 pm, on a first-come, first-served basis. The moment the last ticket is sold, everyone else in the queue needs to be notified. I’m told “IMMEDIACY” is a sacred principle of this thing. Making 100,000+ stay in the queue for hours after the last ticket was sold in the false hope that the little green man saying “20 minutes remaining” was actually telling the truth, or even just somehow linked to reality, and there was still a chance they might get tickets is so cruel, it’s Satanic.

        If I buy two tickets for $397+++ each, and sell one to my buddy for $500, guess what: that doesn’t ruin Burning Man. Not when BMOrg are still selling tickets for $1207 each plus vehicle pass, shipping and tax. If I sell a ticket for $450 farce value, or they sell it for $1500, it’s the same thing. ADMIT ONE to a thousand acre desert pentagon.

        The argument that Burning Man would be wrecked by me selling that ticket for $500, but if BMOrg sold it for $1500 there would be more art, is ridiculous. It has not been borne out by the facts in 30 years of doing this.

  5. In regards of tickets, might you have viewed this?

    ‘Hello awesome people –

    The following is a desciption of a few technical flaws that created an unfair (and exploitable by scalpers) situation during the main sale.

    A summary of the main sale day issues (that I am aware of) include:

    TicketFly allowed people into the ticketing system before the queue opened sometime around 11:30. These people were given an authenticated session on the ticketing system and thus bypassed the queue once tickets went on sale. { I’d bet my left nut on this }

    The waiting room / queue (aka a company called “Queue-It”) handled queue placement based on unique cookies assigned to the browser upon hitting their website, and not your secret access code (aka “promo code”). This meant opening multiple independent browser instances increased one’s odds. { I’d bet my right nut on this one }

    Professional scalpers absolutely know about the later, and probably the former flaws. Profit motive … motivates people.

    I may have noticed another flaw as well, but it’s impossible to demonstrate after the fact.’

    In addendum, the Burning Man PR newspaper, within their article of Burning Man sells out 30,000 ticket in half-hour stated ‘Because some Burners reported acquiring tickets after skipping the waiting room, some Burners suspected that there was a glitch with this year’s process, a theory that Burning Man organizers denied.

    “Everything seemed to go as planned,” said Jim Graham, Burning Man spokesman.’

    Yes, the Borg sold their 30,000 tickets in the general sale for near to $14 million dollars, caring little in regards of whom gained the tickets.

    • “Yes, the Borg sold their 30,000 tickets in the general sale for near to $14 million dollars, caring little in regards of whom gained the tickets.”

      They only care that they are the only ones scalping tickets at a higher price. They want to be sure they get the profit from the people who can afford scalper prices. I would not be surprised if, over time, more “daVinci” tix became available, or the “daVinci” price got higher over time (but under another name, of course!) to keep ahead of the scalpers. …Maybe calling them “Medici” tix?

      • Has anyone found out what extra pivilidges “daVinci” tix holders might get? I am guessing nothing, though as Larry said, “Equality” is not one of the Tin Principles. Oh, I know… Maybe they get to have their compliance with the Tin Principles waived?

      • My belief is scalpers bought many, many thousands of tickets within the general sale. The person penning the post stated it is easy peasy of the scalpers to hire many people to work-from-home purposed to buy these tickets, and they solely were of the need to open new browsers to gain a new place in the queue and gain tickets. The general ticket sale was changed from the first people to click after 12:00, to a enter a queue in a random manner sale, in due of it was more fair towards most Burners, but, the Borg, and Ticketfly, did big mistakes within the queue software in the manner stated within the post, and scalpers know of the proper manner to gain advantage in due of these big mistakes.

        The Borg is doing their usual pathological lies CoolAid of attempts to ignore the difficulty, and stating that few people priorly stated, within the census, of that they paid scalpers for tickets. Whom might, in actuality, admit they paid scalpers and, perchance, lose their tickets? The Borg is stating their usual rubbish of work for us for free, of what they term participation, and you might gain a ticket. In addendum, the Borg desires to sell tickets for $1,200, and might the scalpers know of the thousands of scalped tickets, the price of the tickets, perchance, might be lower than $1,200.

        Thusly, Burners are screwed again, most especially, Burners whom obeyed the directions of the Borg to open solely one browser window. At the least, might Burners desire to go to the playa burn, there are many $990 dollar tickets being sold in due of many of the people whom bought the $990 dollar tickets were of the ability to gain $390 dollar tickets, and they desire to sell the $990 dollar tickets.

        Might a Burner desire to attend awesome Burner festivals in the place of the playa burn, at present, Boogaloo Music and Art Car Festival by the Dirty Beetles, and Further Future by the Robot Heart crew are selling tickets to their awesome festivals occurring April 29 to May 1. Each of these festivals might be near to 5,000 people. In addendum, on May 1, the How Weird Street Faire, $15, with many Burner stages, might be near to 40,000 people. But, the Borg does not desire Burners to know of these awesome festivals in due of these festivals are not within the control of the Borg.

        • In regards of burnerly festivals, I was not of the knowledge of awesome Burner groups participate within Coachella. The Lucent Dossier Experience, whom threw the Lucidity Festival near to Santa Barbara within the prior week, do the Lucent Dossier stage at Coachella. In addendum, the DoLabs, whom throw the awesome Lightning in a Bottle Festival, of near to 20,000 people, near to the end of May, do the DoLabs stage at Coachella. But, the Borg does not permit discussions of these awesome festivals upon their Facebook sites, or their other sites, except purposed to denigrate these awesome festivals.

          • Or, a manner of assisting the Burner festivals gain their desired participants, and sell their tickets. It might be posts, or manners other than the Burner Burns page. At present, the Boogaloo Music and Art Car Festival, and Further Future, might desire assistance in this manner. It is difficult for the Burner community to gain tickets to the playa, and the Borg desiring of the regionals to meet the demand is not a good plan in due of whom might desire to organize big festivals and not be paid for their labours? Most especially in due of the hypocrisy of the Borg in these manners.

            The status of Burner Burns festivals –

            Seremity Gathering within March. Serenity Gathering had difficulties in due of a new location gained solely a few weeks prior of the festival. The sound was of the need to be quiet at night, and difficulties occured within the organization of the festival in due of the change of location. They are of the need to gain a new location for 2017.

            Desert Hearts within April was awesome. They sold out their 2,500 tickets, and, by appearances, the festival was successful. They are doing another Desert Hearts in the fall season.

            Lucidity Festival within April. My belief is of the festival was successful. Might any person have the information in these regards?

            Boogaloo Music and Art Car Festival April 29 to May 1. Awesome organization and lineup. They might desire assistance in selling their tickets. I am not of the knowledge of their desired number of participants, perchance near to 5,000?

            Further Future April 29 to May 1. Within a few years, it might be most difficult to gain tickets to this classy festival, but, at present, they are advertizing for participants. Awesome organization and lineup. Perchance, might they desire near to 5,000 participants in 2016?

            Lightning In a Bottle May 25 to May 30. They will sell out their near to 20,000 tickets to their awesome festival prior of the festival.

            Enchanted Forest Gathering within July. I am not of the knowledge of this festival.

            Symbiosis Gathering after the playa burn. Symbiosis Gathering is the festival most similar to Burning Man. At present, they are selling tickets, I do not know if might the festival sell out prior of the festival. Perchance, 5,000, or 10,000, participants?

          • Any of these festival promoters are welcome to write a guest post here about their festival. Some of them may be “too cool” to do promotion. FF, LIB, Symbiosis, Lucidity you mentioned all seem to be selling well.

            I am traveling now. Will do a “what really happened with the tickets” post when I get home in a few days. As you and others have pointed out, there were many serious problems that weren’t acknowledged in the “we blame Burners and Ticketfly” post.

            Also I’m hearing Regionals are being forced to implement Burner profiles before ticket sales…but a separate system from HQ. If I want to go to a dozen Regionals, I need to create 12 separate profiles. #lame

          • I would suggest threads under the Burner Burns tab for each event. Threads scattered here among the varioius topics are not likely to provide enduring value. You might invite threads there. If that can work, I can do one for FigmentNYC, Transformus, and Night Market, though largely based on what I have already posted for these.

            In this way the coversations can be concentrated in those threads without the threads being lost. Would also be good to have a comon world map, with stars and links to the subject threads.

          • What is even the rationale of Burner profiles for small regional events? Might the Borg desire to assimilate the regionals, and know the names of the Burners whom might desire to obey the Borg and make the regionals bigger, and whatever the Borg might desire? Their desire for top down control over events created by others is most stunning.

          • I wonder if the extra information in the profiles might give the Borg doxing blackmail opportunities. Sorry, but when you say I have some good ideas but you will only talk to me in person seems to have more motivation than “Radical Immediacy.” Even under the best interpretation, it gives them the opportunity to curate the participants as well as the official theme camps, which is not my Burning Man. If it is to avoid scalpers, it is also avoiding freedom of expression. May not be effective in the former, but certainly effective in the latter.

  6. I’m just glad my ex-partner and bman comrade just convinced his niece and her bf NOT to go. The stories of some of our experiences were enough (heat, Porta potties, and a glaring kool-aid moment), didn’t even need to explain all of the BORG greed and corporate mentality.

        • I had some interesting experiencestuff good and bad. But that’s part of the kool-aid cult – having to have a certain experience, having to justify it to other attendees, complaints being unwelcome. Just what you’re doing right now.
          “What, you’re mentioning the filth, you missed the point you faker! ”
          And THAT’S one of the reasons I stopped going. You complain about the BORG, but the attendees ain’t much different. Everyone* is trying to control the experience of everyone else. Have fun with that attitude, bro.
          Thankfully my ex-partner didn’t have* to explain those real negatives.

          • Actually he did tell her about the kool-aid. So, your comment proved his point. Your comment displays the mentality that is rampant in bman, whether in the BORG or the attendees. God forbid someone mentions negatives – or the “wrong” negatives. God forbid one didn’t have a certain experience, all the time. “Those better be transformative experiences people!” You rail against the BORG, NT, but how about some self examination. Bman wouldn’t persist if it was just BORG doling the kool-aid.

          • This is literally what I described last weekend: “When I went you can decide to go anytime. You use FF miles or shop the flights. Rent a van, and go to Walmart and stock up with what you need to live for a week, then head to the playa, pay at the gate, and catch up with your friends.”

            What I did not complain about was: dust, lack of free potable water, lack of showers, lack of food service, lack of sleeping accommodations, lack of clothing and gifts, and lack of taxis or public transit. It’s called Radical Self-Reliance. You challenge yourself to live by your own devices and creativity for a week under adverse conditions, and see how others have met those same challenges, and enjoy the experience.

            If you don’t like the challenges, then go to FigmentNYC. Fly or train to Penn Station, take a taxi to your hotel, unload your stuff, take a shower, then take a taxi or subway to the GI Ferry for the free ride to Governors Island. https://vid.me/ROW7 Enjoy the art installations and creative camps, and the cool things they do in the vacant houses. There is free drinking water, food trucks, restaurants and bars for a drink. At sunset you ferry back to Manhattan and walk back to your hotel by hitting the Dead Rabbit, and work your way up through lower Manhattan to enjoy Chinatown, Little Italy, and the East Village. Then go to sleep in your hotel, and repeat the next day.

            Or, you can buy a CCamp package and pay to have someone else provide your entirely fungible Radical Self-Reliance (on Your Cash). https://burners.me/2014/09/14/commodification-camps-and-the-tin-principles/

            Both FigmentNYC and the CCamp are ways to avoid all those things that I find as creative challenges. And it is the Borg’s explicitly unequal CCamp embrace that I take exception to, as well as the sellout preventing people from self-selecting initiative as to who goes. After all, why not just go to FigmentNYC? The food is better, and there is a lot less self-delusion involved.

          • Figment NYC is awesome. Though geared for kids, I urge everyone to attend because the creativity and thoughtfulness for the participatory art is very high.

        • You missed *my* point again NT. I stopped going because of the cult control, as mirrored in your comments again and again. Everyone should stop telling other people what to experience, what to complain about, what to do. We got sick of people controlling us so we left. It was glorious.
          You’re saying the same old shit. “You shouldn’t mention the filth. You missed the point of the event. Blah blah blah.”. I’m paraphrasing you there.
          No dude! I went. I had my OWN fucking experiences, just as you had yours. I get to have my OWN. I get to complain about what I want, whether you think it worthy or not. I got sick of people telling me what to do, to say, to think. So I quit. You ain’t no different from other burners NT. Try respecting others and stop controlling. Let me bitch about what I fucking please. You grumpy ol man.

          • “I got sick of people telling me what to do, to say, to think. So I quit.”

            I like the constructive engagement in a challenging environment so long as the issues are in the present, including discussions here. As you may have noticed, I don’t let people tell me “what to do, to say, to think,” and never did in BRC. But life without contrast is boring and fungible.

            “Let me bitch about what I fucking please.”

            Moi aussi, mon ami. Don’t let me or ANYONE determine if you are happy, but advice is advice in whatever form.

            “You grumpy ol man.”

            People who know me have accused of being many things – irritating, arrogant, a bastard – but never grumpy.

  7. Wow, very interesting article! As you said no conspiracy – But it’s still a sketchy deal with BMOrg taking from the proverbial poor (us common folks) to give to the rich (themselves)
    And I completely agree that it feels wrong to snitch on a burner who is selling their ticket above face value when they’re only recouping all of their ancillary add-on costs… not to mention that they should be compensated for their time, and mental anguish which was incurred while waiting online to get through that ridiculous lottery waiting room!

    • “…recouping all of their ancillary add-on costs… not to mention that they should be compensated for their time, and mental anguish which was incurred while waiting online to get through that ridiculous lottery waiting room!…” is all part of your volunteer effort to get tickets to people! Only the Borg are allowed to scalp $1,200 Art Tickets to recoup their prestige, NOT burners.

      BTW, WTF do you get as a Leonardo DaVinci Art Ticket holder? Larry has already made it clear we are Not All Equal. What privileges do they get? Or is that just a surcharge for being a useless tourist monetized to the Borg’s pocket?

      How many years until the demand collapses for the general tix, or all tix are just all priced for the elite class? Either way, Burning Man has left the playa.

      • I gave up trying to get meaning from the ticket info. However, I will give them applause for an excellent stream-of-consciousness exposition. I would ask if it will be on the final exam, but I have moved on to better things. I am sad for those who burn their time with this ticketing game, time that could have been used for something useful, or even making something nice for others to enjoy. Or maybe even a nice nap.

    • Explained at tickets.burningman.com:
      “A 9% Nevada Live Entertainment Tax will be added to the price of all tickets and $3 of the $7 per ticket service fee. Will Call delivery is the only delivery method subject to this tax. The $12 Will Call delivery charge will be inclusive, meaning additional tax will not be added for choosing this delivery method ($1.08 of the $12 fee is built-in tax).”
      Sure, the process may be convoluted- blame it on the politicians in NV. Whether or not BM had to collect the tax was up in the air until very recently. Regular ticket prices have NOT changed. Vehicle Pass prices have doubled. Pre-sale went up and there’s a new class of Rich Guy tickets. This is a business that being run, or at least heavily influenced, by a bunch of new people who are more profit driven that the original gang.
      Things change. Start your own burn. I’ve looked into it. Upfront costs, regulations, liability, and the associated headaches are a bitch, especially if you only break even. Maybe if I had a few million in the bank…..

      • “A 9% Nevada Live Entertainment Tax will be added to the price of all tickets and $3 of the $7 per ticket service fee. Will Call delivery is the only delivery method subject to this tax.”

        That’s about where I stopped reading. I apparently did not learn the same meanings of “all” and “only” as the person who wrote this. They must live in an interesting world, largely of their own creation.

        https://burners.me/burner-burns/ Lots of other burn events, and more and more veteran burners/theme camps/art cars that will be looking for a new home as the don’t make the “cut.” I hope the Rich Kids are happy with what’s left, as curated by the Borg in their infinite wisdom without the need for input from the peasant burners.

        • Might a post upon the big Burner festivals, or a post, or Facebook post, upon each big Burner festival, be desired to be penned purposed to assist awesome Burner groups throwing Burner Burns gain their desired communities? At present Further Future, Boogaloo Music and Art Car Festival, Lucidity Festival, and the How Weird Street Faire are selling many thousands of tickets, and these burnerly festivals might desire assistance in these regards. In addendum, the big Lightning in a Bottle, and Symbiosis Gathering, are selling many thousands of tickets to their burnerly festivals, and Desert Hearts occurs this weekend. It might be easy peasy to copy, and paste, information upon each festival into a post.

          My belief is of the Burner Burns post, and the post upon the most horrible manner of which the Borg treats the artists had effect upon the Borg, and their PR newspaper published their article upon festivals within their control, but did not mention of these other awesome festivals thrown by groups within the Burner community.

          • A real propaganda piece. It does seem like a reflexive response. As I think I suggested earlier, perhaps she is vying for Will’s job.

            I have been to one of the 7 listed, presumably these examples are the cream of the crop of official regional burns.

          • The Burner Burns section needs its own post/threads to discuss each event, along the lines of what you suggested. Presently, you can just do a sub-thread discussion under the first mention, but this will become unwieldy. Eventually with separate post/threads for each separate event will be how you can keep info current for each.

            This would then feed into keeping the spreadsheet/database current, and there would be cross-links from the spreadsheet to the event thread, and reverse – or perhaps a header for the dedicate post with current information from the spreadsheet.

            Of course while all events would be listed, the most important are those that have not been assimilated by the Borg.

          • If someone writes a guest post for an event, the listing at Burner Burns would be a hyperlink to that post and then everyone can comment there

  8. This kinda explains it: https://vid.me/eaiK
    “…pathologies of risk-taking…”
    “…it becomes much more noticeable when we get into bubbles and everyone is making a lot of money…”
    “…the way they talk, the way they walk changes…”

    On male testosterone:
    “…it increases confidence and appetite for risk…”
    “…effective risk-taking turns into risky behavior..”

    On members of Parliament:
    “…rouge behavior in leaders once they get into their second or third term, there are no restraints on their power…”

    • The risk the Borg is running is losing even more burners while still making the NV burn seem like Burning Man. They are diluting the event with elite fly-ins, and virgins, just so they can quell the unruly veterans. All done while feeding their narcissistic supplies by making people suck up to them in hopes of having the capricious event curation smile upon them.

      • The Gentrification and Disneyfication continues, because demand exceeds supply.
        It really was a different event when everyone who wanted to come, could and did come. Radical Inclusion has given way to market driven exclusion. I do wish the BORG would designate a larger fraction of tickets to the vessels of the Burning Man culture, the multi year attendees.

        • That is the “Legacy Ticketing” that I have asked for again and again, but they don’t even try a few tickets that way. Why? Because it devolves power to the burners, and giving away power and acknowledging that the burners make the event is something the Borg simply cannot do.

    • As far as the “all/only” contradiction in the tkt narrative, I can understand if the Borg has decided to hire the handicapped, or people with English as a third language, or even an award-winning creative writer. Heck, maybe their $20+ million/year budget could not support a salaried or contract person to write this stuff up, and it was a volunteer.

      But regardless, Speech 101 class taught me that the person who creates the communication is responsible for the message received. Now maybe this made sense to an intended audience with pre-frontal lobotomies, but it made no sense to me. Perhaps only making sense to the faithful, like the password-protected FAQs, is the Borg’s intended filter for this communication.

      One thing I know for sure is that I was not enfranchised in the Borg’s decision as to who would write these ticketing game rules. It was entirely their choice and their devices that created the ticketing system, and the sadly flawed attempt at an explanation. …One question: Is this byzantine ticketing part of their “spreading the Burning Man spirit?”

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