The cars of Burning Man 2012 (Updates)

Mark Amos has shared this post from Mac’s Motor City Garage, highlighting some of the vehicles of Burning Man.

I attended my first Burning Man in 1996. One of the images burned into my overloaded mind that year was that of a 40 feet-long silver shark (Ripper the Shark, by Tom Kennedy) patrolling the desert. This was my introduction to the art cars at Burning Man.  Every year, vehicles emulating everything from giant armadillos to tiny cupcakes can be seem cruising the Black Rock Desert at the annual event.

The challenges of keeping these things running out here include the heat, the altitude (about 4000 feet) and the awful dust that the Black Rock Desert is essentially made of. The stuff is highly corrosive, and air filters must be cleaned often.

the Fish Tank in a rare moment of mirror ball shrinkage. Was quickly addressed by the guy dancing to the right

via The cars of Burning Man 2012 | Mac’s Motor City Garage.

More Art Cars (or, depending on your accent, “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhtt Kaaaaaaaazzzzz”)

Great story at Gizmodo, with HD art car video, starring the legendary Dancetronauts and their awesome mastery of the vertical plane, and the autonomous, self-driving Disco Fish (and vaginas on wheels, FYI). That Disco Fish might be self-driving, but they certainly have human-powered shooting their mouth off capabilities. Said with love from the “Angler Fish“. You know, the one that chopped you with their laser…let’s fire these mirror balls up!

And here’s a sampling of what you can find on YouTube:

Fire-belching art car mayhem:

10-minute tour on foot of a bunch of Art Cars parked at the Man Burn:

Art Car highlight:

DJ Proposes in front of thousands, while DJing on famous art car:

BEAUTIFUL, incredible rainbow fish scales respond to the music:

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  2. hey!! thanks so much for posting my video of the art car highlight on your blog!! thats so great!!

    i have more videos of my first year experience, one being a cut i made of the burn of the man, another of the burn of the temple, then my exodus experience. thank you for posting my video!! love the site, you have lot of really great stuff.

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