The Music of Burning Man 2012

JD Mack, Opulent Temple

We heard some wicked tunes this year, and there were certainly some amazing DJ’s on the Playa. We’re getting a bit tired of our friends saying “put on Robot Heart!”, because they don’t know where to find it. So here’s some links for you, some of these DJs are our friends, others are from camps whose music we enjoy. As I write this, there are 500+ mixes on Soundcloud under “Burning Man 2012”. We don’t have time right now to listen to them all and offer our opinion as to what’s the best, so here’s a selection of DJs and hour-plus mixes that we think will deliver the goods. Please let us know if there’s any dope mixes that we are missing.

Loving this one! 11,000 views you’ve got to be kidding me. This is going to be a million-pluser, I predict. We have it on high rotation right now at Burners.Me HQ. Spot your friends…

As well as our selection, which we will be updating so check back here, please also try some other links from Rockstar Librarian and Destination Burning Man

big thanks to Yental Beats for his help with our sound system

Yental Beats – Robot Heart afterburn mix

Yental Beats – Robot Heart the Road Home

Robot Heart – Swami and John Dill, Burn night 4 hour set

Atish – Robot Heart

Blondish get Physical on the Bus – Full Moon set

Hoj – Friday night Robot Heart deep house

The Scumfrog – Wednesday morning sunrise at Robot Heart

DJ Kramer (Distrikt) – Studio Mix – I’m calling his Saturday afternoon at Distrikt as my favorite set of the entire Burn

DJ Kramer – Saturday afternoon set

Deekline – not his Burning Man mix, a promo mix, but still, Nick Deekline is the man. He played 5 times in one night this year at Burning Man. I was lucky enough to catch him at the Grand Sierra in Reno post-Burn, what an amazing surprise and so good to dance to this awesome music in the pool!

Jefr Tale (Root Society)

Kyle Cross (Root Society – Womb Stage)

Isaiah Martin – Sunday School (PlayaSkool)

Isaiah Martin – Endless Summer

Distrikt – the Quadrobe

The Scumfrog – Driving To (and From) Burning Man

Elite Force – 4 Hour Sunrise Set at Nutz

Isaiah Martin’s amazing Electrolux art car

DJ Lexel (Alex Lloyd) on the Disorient DEX 

Ralph Lawson – sunrise at Nexus

Lauren Lane

Gabriel Gilmour – psytrance at Ooligan Alley

Gabriel Gilmour – glitch-hop Australia Day Party at Tsunami Bass Experience

TEH – dawn set at Tsunami Bass Experience

Brett Rubin at Tetris

Emuin at Area 51/Fractal Nation – dubstep

Galactic Wind – Fractal Nation deep Playa closing set

Friar Tuck at Baal Mart

Kassy Nova in Alex Grey’s Garden of Sacred Visions

DJ Alex Funk

Christopher*Robin, Friday night at GlamCocks

SaneDracHunter – played at Tetris, DustFish

DJ Runaway – live electro set at Fractal Nation/Area 51

Can anyone confirm the rumor that Depeche Mode played this year?

Deekline, my favorite musician in the world and one of the nicest DJ’s I’ve ever met. He absolutely rocked the Grand Sierra sunset pool party

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    Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it expand over time.

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  9. Ive been on the road and finally got good enough stable net to upload my glitch-hop set i did for the Australia Day Party with Tsunami Bass Experience.

    burnersxxx and co if you like what you hear feel free to chuck it up on the list. If you dont want two from the same guy totally understand, delete this post. Just havent heard anything like it in the list, thought you guys might enjoy 🙂

    loving the mixes, keep em coming.


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  11. Hey author,

    Any chance of getting the style of music for the set listed, or if multiple styles listed with commas in between, in parentheses after each link? It’d be nice to know if I’m looking at a dubstep, house, breaks, or whatever, set at a glance.

    • lol you’re opening a can of worms there. categorizing electronica, another hobby of mine, but not sure if it’s a good one to introduce on this blog. Don’t even get me started on what is glitch versus electro versus techno…let alone breaks. It is mostly progressive house. Would love more breaks, psy-trance, and trance mixes if there are any out there.

      • Hey, thanks for getting back to me.

        I’m not suggesting a track-by-track definition, but maybe some general tagging. I know how tricky that gets, though. Not to mention time consuming.

        On another front, speaking of breaks, any of these sets putting their broken foot foward, that you know of? I’ve been starving for ’em lately.

  12. It’s sad how this entire page confuses “music” and “DJs”. The best part of Burning Man 2012 for me was that we had seriously good LIVE MUSIC there, for example the funk cover band playing nightly at Crossroad in the 9:00 plaza.

    • It’s unfortunate that you don’t consider the product of what DJs do to be music. Even if you just consider them to be a jukebox (as a DJ it pains me to say that), I’d still say a jukebox produces music. I come from a wide background when it comes to music, so don’t get me wrong, live instrumental and vocal performances are something I thrive on. I’d say the title of the page is certainly all-encompassing but then, unfortunately, presents a very narrow showcase of the music that was actually there.

      If the page-author is paying attention, perhaps you’d consider getting some of the followers or coordinators of the live music scene from this year to contribute some of their best recordings of bands/sets/artists?

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  15. oh and pretty pretty please put up the Audiofly set from robot heart! thurs night i think. Absolutely killed it, fav set of the week for sure.

  16. I have a few pieces of performances I was able to capture on video. (most are just one song in the set) I do talk to the camera on a few of them, sorry about that.

    Crystal Method at Fractal Nation:
    Q-Bert at Root Society:
    Q-Bert at Root Society:
    Q-Bert at Root Society:
    Aphrodite at Opulent Temple:
    Lazy Rich at Osiris:
    Desert Dwellers at Sacred Spaces:

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  18. Thanks so much, I am really enjoying the mixes. Wow my 7th year and I just discovered robot heart’s vibe. Great stuff. I can confirm that Depeche did play, everywhere I went in the backstreets, it was epic. There is some splendid music being created at burning man but when DMode plays their hits thats where my world gets rocked the hardest! Dava Gahan ate his Wheaties for our sins.

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