First World Record Set at Burning Man

This year, art project the 1 Mile Clock was officially recognized in the Guinness Book of Records, as the World’s Largest Timepiece. This is the first official Guinness record related to Burning Man – although there was a previous unconfirmed fire breathing record in 2006.

photo by Angie Palmer/JSt3p

We Did it! In 2011 we created the “Worlds Largest Timepiece” at the Burning Man festival. As of October 4th 2012, it has been OFFICIALLY listed into the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Worlds Largest Timepiece”!!!!!

Five scientists, developers and 48 artists from around the world created a 1.25 mile diameter working clock for the Burning Man festival Aug 29, 2011 in Nevada USA. Using high powered lasers aimed at twelve 22′ tall artistic “hour towers” around the Burning Man (round) festival, The lasers kept accurate time 45′ over the heads of 53,000 festival goers in attendance. At over 5500′ in diameter, our “1MileClock” project will SMASH the [previous] Guinness record by over 3000′!
According to the Sacramento Bee, the record was actually achieved last year, but was delayed so that Guinness could create a new category separating the project from Saudi Arabia’s giant clocks:

Bowers said the delay was related to a decision by Guinness to create a new category of world’s largest working time piece, differentiating it from the four-faced Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower in Saudi Arabia with its 130-foot-diameter faces.

The project involved a core team of 20, but more than 100 people were involved in building the hour markers, which were burned during the festival.

Congratulations to everyone involved. It seems this is a record-breaking year for Burning Man, with Disorient Artist Leo Villareal also setting a world record for the biggest ever commission for an electronic artist, as well as the largest ever sculpture in the history of humanity (yes it is larger than Mt Rushmore and the Sphinx), with his $8 million Bay Lights project.
Guinness is not the only source of Burning Man records. Recordsetter has a number of Burning Man-related accomplishments, including:
  • most live chickens brought to Burning Man
  • most condoms sucked through the nose at once
And this spectacular demonstration by “Mr T” of Most One Handed Cartwheels While Holding an Open Beer – an astounding 13. The beer does not appear to be a Guinness…

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  1. Thanks for this mention. The 1Mileclock was my largest EVER public art installation. It was an Epic yet temporary “Moment in TIME” – Jim Bowers (Artist)

  2. how about the Temple of Transition in 2011. Did or did it not get a world record(or two)? for tallest free standing plywood structure without a foundation. or tallest object designed to be burnt? play legend or real world fact?

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