“Sound Wave of Love and Beats” – Robot Heart 2012, the video

photo by Peter Ruprecht

DJ Yental Beats just posted this excellent video made by Karim Tabar, documenting Robot Heart’s journey to the Playa in 2012. Featuring DJ’s 2 Gweilos, Damian Lazarus, Julian Prince, Blondish, Art Department, Scarlett Etienne.

You can download more Robot Heart 2012 mixes from our Music Page.


Thanks to Geo and the rest of the Robot Heart crew for providing us shelter from Hurricane Sandy, in one of the most epic all night “lock in” parties I’ve ever been to. Talk about “batten down the hatches”! Robot Heart does it right.

Now let me have a little election night rant about the absolutely stunning girl, dancing with feathers in a bad ass costume – put the video to slow motion, full zoom, look! No MOOPS. Just total, respectful, giving, Burner awesomeness.

here’s a gentleman who deserves to be at Burning Man in a rock star bus. Maybe even two gentlemen?

Feathers are fine, who the fuck would want to ban something like this? The Fun Police? I mean, where can you go in the world to even see this, let alone with DJs like Lee Burridge playing for you for free. This is where Carl Cox goes to hang out. Think about it, that’s one dude who quite literally could be at any party that is going on, anywhere on the planet. Mark Zuckerberg might know about the party, and everyone who’s there, but even he can’t say that. The owners of Burning Man and the owners of Robot Heart can’t say that. This might be hard to believe for people in the US – “surely anyone wants to meet the Facebook guy”? Well, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia, there are palaces. Castles. Superyachts. Carl has probably played most of them already. And he’s by no means the only world Top 100 DJ we get. Carl Cox loves Burning Man, loves Opulent Temple, loves Robot Heart. I bet he would enjoy the amazing dancing and costume of this girl too. In fact I feel safe to say that most of the 7 billion people on the planet would enjoy watching her, it’s beautiful.

The great thing about Burning Man is once you can get in, it’s all freaking FREE! Brought to you by your neighbors. Other people spend money for you to have this! Let this girl dance with her feathers, and enjoy. Why stop her fun, or the fun of the people who love to watch her? Why not just make a rule, clean up crew don’t have to pick up feathers, then it’s up to BLM to prove that a Burner MOOPed a feather instead of a bird. The feathers will blow away, birds have been flying over there for hundreds of millions of years before Burning Man came along and the Playa survived. I would rather see this girl dancing at Robot Heart (or the Temple, if that’s more your thing) looking like this, than not. It’s art, it’s performance art, and costumes are a huge part of it. And blending nature and the earth into our costumes is a huge part of it too. [/rant off]

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  3. “I agree with all your points about girls in feather head dresses and champagne swilling superstar DJs being basically the best thing about Burning Man” said Paul Addis, from beyond the grave.

  4. the girl with the feathers was unbelievably beautiful! I’m amazed by how awesome that costume was, qualifies as a work of art.

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