Smithsonian: “Cities, Bridges, and Burning Man Don’t Build Themselves”

photo from the Life Cube

Burning Man is so old skool, it’s in the Museum. The Smithsonian Museum that is. They’ve just published an article entitled “Cities, Bridges and Burning Man Don’t Build Themselves“, a salute to various forms of global construction expertise.

As humankind expands into the far reaches of the world, we build things. Bridges, cities, buildings. How do those things get built? Well, a lot of people and a lot of cranes, usually.

The example they include is a 5-minute time lapse video of Black Rock City being built in 5 weeks. The implication is, New York and the rest of the storm-ravaged east coast can learn a lot from Burners.

That’s right, Burning Man doesn’t build itself. And neither does BMOrg build it. Burners build it. With some help from DPW.


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