Burners, Burners, Everywhere…

global_regionals_mapThanks to Burning Man’s social alchemist Bear Kittay for posting this one. Click the link below to see a map of Regional Events around the planet. Burner culture is starting to spread, a disorganized organization with a great deal of human potential. Party on, world!


burning_man in laThe global population of Burners is estimated by these guys at 64,319. That means Burners.Me, after one year in existence, is being followed by about 25% of all Burners. I’m not so sure about these stats though – maybe they mean “Population of Regional Burners”. A more accurate comparison might be towards the official Burning Man community page on Facebook, which has 417,974 Likes. Which puts us at a mere 4%. Last estimate I heard about JRS (the Jacked Rabbit Speaks) was above 100,000 email addresses, if anyone has more accurate data please let us know.

There is a glaring hole in Burning Man’s global dominance: South America. As I write this I’m in Cartagena, Colombia – which I think would be a great place for a Burn. I’ve met random people down here who asked “have you ever been to Burning Man?”…so the demand is there. And a rich history of beautiful people with beautiful costumes, such as at Carnaval. They would probably have to accept feathers though…

Another glaring omission is the Moon, but the always pioneering Robot Heart seem to have that one covered!

robot heart on the moon

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  2. Hi there,
    I built the regionalburnmap and yeah those numbers are anything but correct. So far its just the basics (map & pins) with hopefully more to come. I talked with Bear at Kiwiburn about it and he already sent the link around. Yay 🙂

    However, so far it’s still really basic. For example, as you could see, the “burn population” is still way off the actual numbers. Right now each burn on the map has a number of burners attached (if I could find one the websites/wikipedia at all). Those numbers per year summed up is shown as “burn population” on top of the map. Which is way to small so far 🙂

    One of the next things I want to do is some feedback-feature so others can contribute the missing numbers and burner-events. Or at first at least some way to comment/contact so I can add the missing stuff by hand. I hope to get enough data to show some more interesting burner-stats like burn population over the years for each burn and at a whole.

    If you guys have an idea on how to make the map better and especially know about missing events (at best with population numbers and more) feel free to contact me via twitter @RegionalBurnMap. I’d be more than happy to add anything that’s missing so far.


  3. In Israel we created a regional at 2012 and for the first one (Mama Burn) we had about 350 people. for the second one in October (Octoburn) we have 1400-1800 new burners, so the community getting bigger and bigger every single year, more and more community getting bigger around the world.
    time to have a burners annually celebration out side of the Playa.
    It called Plant it and Burn it.
    on Jun 21st (same as first Burning Man 1986) we all going to plant trees. help us to make this happen and lets see if we can get only 1/5 of the people that coming to the Playa to plant a tree, is 10,000 trees how awesome can that be?

    • I think this is wonderful because you are leaving something lasting that benefits the world, not just burning money and creating pollution to feed people’s egos

  4. 64k? That just seems really low. Last year alone we had nearly 55k, and there are countless Burners who have gone in the past but didn’t make it last year. As I recall JRS has an eMail list of something like 160k.

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