Hooray For Boobies!

critical tits 2Thanks to the Bloodhound Gang for providing the title for this post, about the boobling bubbling controversy over a Burner who photographed himself groping 100 breasts at Burning Man. He posted the image, which quickly went viral – no surprises there, since boobs are popular on the Internet. In fact, porn is estimated to be somewhere between 30-37% of the Internet. A single webcam site is used by 2.5% of the people on the Internet every month. And Burning Man topless/nude female cycling parade Critical Tits has had upwards of 3000 participants. So can we get over the boobies already, people?

This seems more like a wacky art project like the Arctic Boob Chiller or Pussy Day Spa to me, rather than something pornographic. Presumably all the smiling girls in these photos gave their consent to be photographed, since they seem to have also consented to be felt up by the photographer, who goes by the name of Dong. We found this story at Whatever Rafting, but it’s all over the Internet – don’t blame us for the boobies, or the groping! It’s all very PG-rated and not in anyway sexual, if you ask me. But some Burners are not happy – of course.

Burner Jen:

This guy walked up to a friend at Nexus and was like “Can I take a picture of you.” She replied okay and he put his hand out and said for her to pretend like she’s coming at him or fighting him off, so she did and it APPEARS like he’s grabbing her boob, but isn’t. He never mentioned anything about a project. She’s in the pics. What a slimy douche.

Burner Otis adds some words of wisdom:

There’s a question — or maybe a metaquestion — posed by this, in that we should be asking ourselves if art that causes controversy and outrage is necessarily art that is ‘good’ or at least respectable as art.
This project certainly elicits a strong response from many; what does your response mean to you? Does it make you think in depth about anything in particular that may not have crossed your mind otherwise? 

bm pastiesBurner Tami:

He has a bike and cart with an umbrella and would ride around putting pasties on girls. He would give the pasties to men but not attach them. He had a processor cleaning the boobs, applying the pasties and documenting them. I watched ladies line up for it.

We’re not sure if this is the same photographer – check out this video interview by Da Bomb over at Burncast.

Burner Ashley, at Elite Daily

He did ask permission to take a photo with one hand over a boob. I was approached by him, and said no. He respected that, and moved on

Burner Jason, in the comments here, says this is “5 steps away from Girls Gone Wild”. In fact, it’s about a dozen Burns ago that the Burner community had to deal with this.  It’s probably good that we’ve evolved past that point http://www.metafilter.com/19522/Girls-Gone-Wild-goes-to-Burning-Man This was a case where their photo and IP policy made sense for the times. 11 years is a long time in the tech world.


11 comments on “Hooray For Boobies!

  1. Gosh what a transformational event!

    So much for the ‘our culture’ nonsense unless it’s a regression to a prepubescent perspective.

  2. In some ways, he was very successful because there is a conversation about what he did and his ‘art’. Isn’t that a common goal of artists, to give something, to evoke, to make people think, to make people talk? At Critical Tits I took a very nice, fine art, pinhole camera photo of a group of women who posed for me. Yes, I asked for there permission, as we do with every photo, and no I did not get it in writing, and no I did not ask permission to post it on the web, and no you can’t identify who the individuals are in the photos. I want to auction it as a fundraiser for Susan Kommen foundation and I am now with the quandary of being tagged a porno pusher because I want to post a photo from Burning Man on the internet. I say boobies are beautiful and we love them, let’s have the conversation!

  3. Most of the women featured here don’t look comfortable, nor do they look like they are “having fun.” It seems as though they agreed to the photo annoyed and with the conception that “I’m at BM where anything goes, so I guess I’ll let you grab my tittie.”
    The fact that the article portrays the guy as “a legend” for grabbing 100+ “tithes” is appalling.
    As a member of the BRC community, I am disgusted. Even if he asked first, I bet he didn’t ask if he could post it on the internet.
    This is not the image I want non-buners to have. It sends young men the wrong idea.
    Furthermore, I am curious, did a man write it article which is so supportive of “paste dan” or should we call him “paste dad”?
    This is a pathetic attempt at “art” and should not be promoted by any burner.

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