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  1. Individual disposition decides big Zhinan becomes cacique A couplet to go up be not Guo Shuai to choose
    Sport netDispatch is occupied ” peninsula Metropolis Daily ” report, nearly 3 Olympic Games, Yao MingIt is to serve as the very core of Chinese team to appear on international competition ground. The action of Yao core and consequence, on put Chinese basketball history, it is all-time absolutely, never to be seen again also should be inside short time. But after this sports season ends, on Yao Ming left foot one fine if the bone of hair silk is seamed,be like chasm to separate giant and field commonly however. Many experts conclude pessimisticly, yao Ming will tell group of exotic nation home thoroughly at this point. Perhaps such judgment has some of premature, but the job that national group seeks new core already extremely urgent.
    If sheet looks from experience and appeal force, this nation group is at present medium, nobody can compare the consequence that Wang Zhi mosts. But undeniable is, the individual disposition that mosts greatly decided he becomes this very hard to support national group the cacique on real significance, especially the accretion as the age, physical strength is sent more when dropping, wang Zhi mosts enter the court the evidence that time has begun occurrence shrink. And his planted agent partner, the Yi Jianlian with more remarkable ability of more younger than him, motion criterion ground of follow a rational line to do some work well assumes the responsibility that had team leader.
    Yi Jianlian so far development trend can be used leave high low walk along 4 words to describe. From go out to rise to be expressed great expectations by fan, help Guangdong male basket seeks hegemony after CBA, far go to American NBA development. Although athletic ability is remarkable, but slant soft ball wind is denounced by fan all the time, no matter Mierwoji returns flounder,be to defend Xin Zexi, he cannot blend in team truly from beginning to end; And in national group, a couplet is to live in Yao Ming from beginning to end more in that gigantic shadow.
    End till the Xia Xun this year, stand to us again when Yi Jianlian before when, brawny a few arm resembles is breathed regression enunciative, the position of group of the insanity that expression of 30 minutes and basket of basket of adversary of indulge in wilful persecution get alone on competition ground is adumbrative nation of Yi Jianlian future.
    Be short of in Yao Ming blast below the circumstance, of Yi Jianlian go up saying with its is Guo Shijiang choice, be inferior to saying is the result that at present nature of this China male basket chooses. Let pass already and stand year the old standard that Wang Zhi mosts to carry a Chinese male goal again already not actual; And the cap of a few lids that the Sun Yue with acerbity blueness can use Ou Louzheng Rong only comes the latent capacity of All White Nike Shox project oneself future. Perhaps, after a few days inferior the stage that bright and beautiful contest will become easy core appear formally. Du Jincheng

  2. My only dream for many years, is to have a chance to attend the ultimate experience of burning man. I just hope Its not to late, or to commercialized. I am a 42 yr old GD head, and lost my way with the passing of jerry (not really, but sometimes feels like it). If this is real, I just thought Id take a chance.

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