Home-made Glowsticks from Mountain Dew

mountain dew glow stickSome “Burner than thou” types – who’ve probably never been to a rave in their life – frown with disdain upon glowsticks. “It’s MOOPs!”, they cry. So here’s a cunning loophole to beat the system: up-cycling those old, not-quite drunk bottles of Mountain Dew, along with some easily obtainable baking soda and hydrogen peroxide – and making some home-made mega glowsticks. “We made it glow in case we accidentally dropped it – our MOOP would be so easy to find, and even if we were so fucked up that we couldn’t find it ourselves, some other tripper would eventually find the glowy MOOP and want to pick it up”.

Trash that makes you WANT to pick it up? Now that’s ideas from Burning Man advancing civilization…

We also wrote earlier about how to make “faeries in a jar” glowsticks.

According to Burner Matt (and Snopes), this is all “flimflammery”, part of an elaborate hoax.


Do you have to add glowy solution? Has anyone actually tried this? Perhaps this solution is better:

Glowstick Bowling

Glowstick Bowling

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