From a Distance it looks like PacMan

razorbackBurning Man must look trippy to the aliens. I’ve often thought that, anyway. If you’ve ever wondered along those lines, or even if you haven’t, you’ll probably appreciate this bizarre perspective on our favorite party – Burning Man seen from the top of nearby Razor Back Mountain. It looks like a bizarre cross between atom bomb testing and PacMan. Thanks to Burner Timmylip for finding this one.

from the YouTube post:

“Special thanks to OpenOptics from Inspired Flight and John Dearden for the soundtrack. I feel an immense gratitude towards the good friends who climbed to the top of Razor Back. Physically, the climb took a lot from us: I have never come across a more difficult topography. Chapped and tired, it was something quite special to observe the Burning Man event from such a high altitude — an altitude even the most avid of burners will never know. We filmed with no site of tree nor source of water, and no geography flat enough to fit more than four bodies. Three miles away, three hundred meters above the event, we captured the annual burning of The Man as well as intermittent cacophonies of music and explosions. It is a majestic expression of human energy and art. Many thanks to our hiking partners this year. Jessica Wenger Moreno, Joe Moreno and Jennifer Elliott Phipps, and Jason Phipps”

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