CryptoBeast #20 MKGRATEFUL – Was the Grateful Dead a Psychological Operation?

In CryptoBeast #19 Chip Wood claimed that he created the Grateful Dead in 1963 in Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs, where he was a student with Bob Weir and John Perry Barlow, as a psyop to prevent global thermonuclear war.

In this episode I present some of my own research into the Grateful Dead, the Merry Pranksters, and Stanford’s “Bohemian Quarter”, Perry Lane.

I recorded this before Easter but have experienced computer problems like never before trying to edit it and get it out on YouTube. The best way I could describe the issues would be “jamming”. Large chunks of files would go missing, uploads and render jobs would continually fail 80% of the way through, or Final Cut would just crash. It may be that my aging iMac doesn’t have the juice to render HD files from my new webcam and with my different background.

For some reason today it finally all worked – except for some weird audio and video gremlins. My computer today is just the same as yesterday and a week ago, so what changed? Today New Zealand’s entire military/intelligence apparatus is focused on Prince William’s visit to the two Christchurch mosques. Ding that coincidence meter again.

Please download and share the video just in case They are trying to shut it down.

Here’s the previous episode in which Chalmers Wood, Jr shared his story of the true origins of the Grateful Dead.

Citations, References, Further Research

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Poster for the Human Be-In, January 1967. Featuring “All SF Rock Bands”, including the Grateful Dead

Stewart Brand

Stewart Brand on the Summer of Love:

Stewart Brand in the “Whatever It Is” Festival at San Francisco State University, with the Experimental College

Stewart Brand filmed and organized this 1968 demonstration of modern computing technology from Xerox PARC and the Human Augmentation Project. Stanford’s Hal Puthoff recently revealed that they had 1 Ghz chips at this time.

Grateful Dead

Mike & Virgina McLaughry on the Grateful Dead and Scientology

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Afterward, Kerry came out and told us, among other, more important things, about how he discovered the Fillmore West and the Dead when he came to SF after Viet Nam, and how the Dead have remained a big part of his life ever since. As soon as he said it, a woman just behind me screamed out, “Yeaaaah!!!!” I turn around expecting a hippy chick who got in, like me, on a miracle ticket. I see a 60 year old, perfectly coiffed woman in a $2,000 gown, looking every inch a CEO, with a huge grin on face, shaking her fists in the air. Every one around me is grinning, too. A couple of high-buck, gray-beard lawyers in front of me start up the chant: “Go Johnny! Be Good!” And you know, I started to believe he will be. 

John Forbes Kerry poses with his good buddy, Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey

The infamous “Missing Cornell Show”, and Lyndon LaRouche comments on the Grateful Dead:

LaROUCHE: He was pro-Nazi.(Carl Jung) He was an occultist, satanic cultism. 
I don’t know if he went as far as (Aleister) Crowley did in identifying 
Satan, but it was the same structure. Allen Dulles(C.I.A. director) was very 
close to this crowd personally. As to what was going on in Allen’s mind at 
this time I don’t fully know. But then you get the MK-ULTRA operation. 

60 Greatest Conspiracies: The mind control operation? 

LaROUCHE: That was an Allen Dulles period operation which was run together with the occult types in British intelligence, such as Aldous Huxley. And also Gregory Bateson who created, for example, the Grateful Dead out of an MK-ULTRA operation at the Palo Alto Veteran’s Hospital where he was supervising. The first United States-grown rock group of that type, the Grateful Dead, was generated as a British intelligence operation by the Occult Bureau of Huxley and bateson out of the Palo Alto Veteran’s Hospital where they were doing LSD and related experiments. 

60 Greatest Conspiracies: Why would British intelligence want to put out a rock roup? 

LaROUCHE: Well, this is part of the Satanism business. Call it the 
counterculture. Call it the Dionysius model of the counterculture. Rock is 
essentially a revival of the ancient Dionysic, Bacchic rituals. Lots of 
people or long periods of time in that kind of particular rhythmic ritual 
which was probably struck upon empirically many thousands of years ago for this type of cult. It does have a relationship to the Alpha rhythms of the brain. It does produce these sorts of states. If combined with a little 
alcohol and more, shall we say, mood shaping substances, with youth, with funny sex, this does produce a profound change of a countercultural type. 

Another word for it: New Age. the longer term: age of Aquarius. People were experimenting with various utopian models, constructing small groups experimentally which were considered New Age types. How to create experimental types that might survive the aftermath of a general nuclear war. 

60 Greatest Conspiracies: Was this whole trend continued after Dulles’ 

LaROUCHE: He was not the controlling factor. I wouldn’t make him the evil black widow spider. He was part of it. The operation goes way back. But in the United States this particular operation goes to about 1938. The Nazis were operating in the 1930s out of Hollywood and elsewhere with an occult astrology racket kind of intelligence operation. 

At that point the Huxley operation out there which is already established, 
the marijuana operation and so forth in the 1930s, was already hooked up. 
1963 I would say was a watershed year for explosion of this thing, around 
the LSD, Beatles proliferation. And then you have another one in recent 
years where explicit Satanism has really exploded. 

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Story about the State Department sending the Grateful Dead to Moscow

Drummer went to Langley High School, next to the CIA

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Great documentary on links between the counter-culture, MKULTRA, and the tech industry:

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  3. Face it folks: You ABSOLUTELY WERE manipulated shamelessly as helpless, tiny, and 99% utterly thoughtless pawns and pieces upon our planet’s Chess and GO
    boards, a Global Thermonuclear World War Three was avoided, and the Soviets collapsed without nuclear episodes. OK? Got that?
    “The Plan” worked. Tricky Dick Nixon had no chance of nuking Vietnam in 1972 because Kissinger leaked the idea, Thank you Henry!, and 100,000 of you sincere loonies promptly hove to outside Dicky’s office window singing “…no, No NOOO, no!” Thank you ALL. Good Job.
    The next question is: Did Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov (Станисла́в Евгра́фович Петро́в ) read, know about, and FEEL the spirit of the ’69 Woodstock Festival, and such global PEACE events? Is that one reason why he hesitated in agony NOT LAUNCHING a global thermonuclear war when his Soviet bosses were screaming at him on the phone: “LAUNCH LAUNCH! LAUNCH!”
    Well, almost certainly: YES. After all, Stan was 100% entrusted with one of the highest and most responsible security clearance the Soviet Union could figure out how to create. OK? So thank you WOODSTOCKERS. Good Job!
    And Thank You Stan! Rest in Peace Станисла́в Евгра́фович Петро́в.
    We will be forever Grateful “you heard our voices come through the music”. Rest in Peace Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov.
    Be sure to go to the bottom of Stan’s Wiki Page and study:
    (1.) Vasily Arkhipov – a Soviet Naval officer who refused to launch a nuclear torpedo during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
    (2.) List of nuclear close calls
    Good Luck making the world a better place!

  4. This circle of people has always fascinated me, they had such a massive impact on American culture, ultimately for the worse, I believe. But it’s fascinating nonetheless. Stewart Brand is, of course, a real life Zelig. As always, I don’t share your belief that this was all orchestrated.

    • Always good to hear from you JV. Care to offer an alternate theory as to why the FBI and DEA left them alone, despite knowing that they were the source of LSD?

    • Hi JV, so preventing Vietnam from getting nuked so they could eventually become our TRADING friend as now, and ending the Cold War with nuclear events was WORSE? Hello JV! Come in please JV! 😉

  5. Outstanding as usual. I’m excited to dig in to this piece, there is so much here. Going to college when I did, I was baffled and bemused by the staying power of the Dead. While my ‘alternative’ friends and I were crossing from glam and punk into hip-hop, the Deadheads were frozen in amber. But you had to deal with them to score herb. So you went to the house with all the Beemers, old family Volvo station wagons, a few Saabs, the ‘Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac’ as the lyric goes. They had way more money than most, names like Hunter and Chauncey, Grady and Spencer, and quite honestly they smelled. Trading unlistenable bootleg cassettes and speaking a language I didn’t understand, their conformism resulted in a type of snobbery that was just not…rock and roll. It was more of a class based subculture, with zero political involvement or even awareness. They had been rendered apolitical upper-middle class ugly elites, able to slip right back into their expected life tracks having sacrificed nothing for social change. It irritated me intensely that I knew that others had paid for their current sins, had their heads kicked in, were arrested and brutalized just for having long hair, while these dope-smoking slackers cruised through college and life oblivious to the past, yet enslaved to it. Years later, I am again baffled at the disparate unlikely ‘famous Deadheads,’ like Steven Bannon and Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson, to the bands Sonic Youth, Jane’s addiction, and Black Flag (?). Harry Reid, Al and Tipper Gore, Tony Blair, Walter Cronkite…so it’s a fraternity of sorts, a bond that transcends partisanship and profession, of elites. Almost like a secret society.

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