Just Clowning Around

Last year some wacky clown had the great idea to bring 55,000 MOOPs Clown Noses to Burning Man.

The noises of this are fucken trippy, it’s cool. I’m clearly getting old because I thought it all only happened once, with these noses. After 10 Burning Mans, they seem to blend together and get fuzzy around the edges. Or was that just me.

Apparently we’re 2 Burning Mans into it. Will it be back for a red nose hatrick this year?

Here’s it in 2011:

Here’s it in 2012:


No word on what DPW thought of the whole thing in the aftermath of Burning Man, but tonight’s episode of the hilarious Inside Amy Schumer made me think of that story. And also one of my own from ny untamed youth in the Old Country involving a battery-assisted waterpistol, traffic lights, and a VW full of clowns with open windows…another story for a different blog, I’m afraid. Enjoy @amyschumer, funniest gal on TV right now…wonder if she’s a Burner.


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