Art Car Street Fair in San Francisco [Updated]

art car street fairAs if this weekend’s SF Decompression wasn’t enough, Sunday, November 10 from 5pm-1am , SF residents can get down with fire, blinky lights, Burner costumes, and some of their favorite art cars at the Art Car Street Fair.

Featuring sound stages from Dancetronauts and Charlie the Unicorn, and additional DJs from Distrikt, Opulent Temple, and Space Cowboys. Just like Burning Man, it’s cash only and there are no ATMs on site.

[update 10/9/13] there’s been a date change , the Fire Department requested more time to evaluate their plans. Seems like Dancetronauts are bringing Burning back to the city of San Francisco.

ATTENTION: Art Car Street Fair date has been MOVED to Sunday November 10th! Due the complexity of this event with multiple mobile, flaming vehicles, effects and performers, the Fire Department has requested more time to evaluate our plans. Please realize this has never been done before and open flame permits is something very new for the City of San Francisco to have on Mutant Vehicles with 1,000’s of people around. They are excited and working with us, otherwise they would have just said NO Please continue to help support and grow this event with this extra time, so we can attract even more fantastic art cars, artists and installations that couldn’t make it on the short notice. We apologize for any inconvenience or frowns, but it’s just going to make this event that much BETTER!! Please mark your calendars and spread the word of the new date of the 1st Annual Art Car Street Fair SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10th 2013. San Francisco, Ca.

dancetronautsCome support our favorite art cars from the playa! See them come together to showcase their art on wheels. Fire, music, dancers, live performances, Dj’s, art, food, vendors, costumes and creativity strongly encouraged. This will be a 21+ event!

Sunday November 10 5pm-1am
435 N. 23rd St. San Francisco, CA 94110 cross street Illinois.
$10 in costume. $20 without. NO ATMS on site!

This is a non profit event to bring the Burning Man and artist community together to appreciate and support the Art and Mutant Vehicles and top Dj’s from the local soundcamps of Burning Man. 

1. The event will be held from 5pm-1am on 23rd and Illinois St. (435 23rd Street, San Francisco, CA)
2. It is a 21+ up outdoor event, $10 ticket in costume (ANY COSTUME!) and $20 without. $15 for half ass lazy attempts. 
No ticket, no entry, no ID, no entry. 
3. 2 sound stages: Dancetronauts ( and Camp Charlie Unicorn Art car ( along with their resident Dj’s: Philthy Phil & TravNasty ( and divaDanielle ( Also Dj’s from soundcamps; Distrikt Temple (, Space Cowboys ( Many more to come, over one dozen art cars and mutant vehicles. Sound, fire, stages, drinks (21+), dancing art, food, vendors.

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