Hitler vs the Playa Slumlord

Playa Force One - photo by Tomas Loewy

Playa Force One – photo by Tomas Loewy

A most amusing video from Playa Slumlord, based on a true story from this years’ Burn. You can tell from the guy’s art car that he’s really slumming it! This does show some of the behind the scenes logistical nightmares involved in running big camps and vehicles.

One wonders who “Hauptmann Z” is…I did have some generator problems towards the end of the week, my sister flew in to be a sparkle pony Burgin and was struggling with the heat, and the crew from Shift camp did help me out with my generator (thanks Sick Dog and Spider, and also FJ at Ideate and Sonus) There was nothing to do with Gerlach though, so perhaps I’m off the hook. Would the real Hauptmann Z please stand up!

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