8 comments on “Six Things The World Could Learn From Burning Man

  1. She nailed it! The only thing she missed was #7 Learn how to ACCEPT gifts. It’s a gifting society, not a trading society. Learning how to just say thank you was a big one for me. In our society today, we feel guilty like we need to give something in return…yet that takes away from the joy of the gift giver. BM taught me to be a gracious gift receiver- not an easy thing to do at first. But now I realize knowing how to receive is a gift in itself.

  2. Yeah, it really is sad. It’s kind of similar to the “Woodstock” memorial concerts. They had nothing to do with Woodstock, and were sponsored by Pepsi. Tickets were upwards of $500.

    There may be no official “tickets” to Burning Man. They may have the intention of it being a non-monetary, all-inclusive, escapade, but the only people I know that go are millionaires that have nothing better to do than spew their money away passing time with hallucinations of what human existence might be…

    • Most of the people who I know that attend barely make a living but they scrape together what they can and join in with other camps. It really is quite an experience. I think you’ve missed the point. She’s not talking about going to BM, she’s talking about what we learn there and how we can bring it into the world outside BM. She’s giving you a gift. 🙂

  3. money doesn’t exist there, but it takes a SHIT LOAD of money to go and it takes a SHIT LOAD of money to create the statues to burn. So money doesn’t hold any weight there, but it takes money to go there. no sense. If it were a true non-monetary society, it would be free and the materials to create the burning man would be donated. it’s all the is wrong with the world. false modesty.

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