Playa Chicken Madness

keiralexaJust came across this video of Burning Man 2012, from Scenester TV. It’s got something in here for all the haters: Playa chickens, Segways, Playa chickens on Segways, tribal headdresses, glitter, plug-n-play camps, luxury RVs, Burgins who think they’re in a position to tell us everything about the event (like, there’s no Wi-Fi, when she’s standing in the middle of a free Wi-Fi zone).

Hey, we’ll give it a pass, because host Keir Alexa is ridiculously easy on the eye – and she sure knows how to shake that ass on a Segway! We’re also fans of DJ Isaiah Martin, and his gorgeous  art car with musical instrument engine. There’s a killer soundtrack too – quite literally, with Mr Brightside pumping out at one point.

Isaiah Martin's amazing Electrolux art car

Isaiah Martin’s amazing Electrolux art car



5 comments on “Playa Chicken Madness

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  2. I totally agree Nomad and BB. It sure was fun, but the event has changed so much that 2013 was my last burn. She sure is a purty gurl!

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  4. Nomad, right there with you! No urge to return, happy to have been before this chapter. Miss the days of being able to pull up the man, do some welding, help on art projects, sit and talk, learn from so many others. Feel the genuineness of human connection. and yes dance my ass off not because it was ‘cool’ and I was wearing a costume, but because the music inspired my body to move.

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