Babes, Partying and Dust

What’s Burning Man all about? Watch this video from JZLStyle, who call it “The Ultimate Party”, then add your comments, eg “Burning Man is NOT a party”, or perhaps “there’s no place like home”…

Get busy! You can see more “Babes from Burning Man” here.

jzl style babe


16 comments on “Babes, Partying and Dust

  1. Whether Burners like it or not, there is a contingent of people who really do think that the contents of this video *is* what the burn is all about…just another frat-like party to see and be seen and an opportunity to strut around and peacock one’s wealth.

    All things change as they become more popular and take on the attributes of the people involved. This video is a harbinger of more to come.

    • that’s one of the reasons burning man should do a lot to preserve their community… if the critical turnover in attendees continue, it will really become ibiza in the desert if that’s what everyone thinks it is.

      ironically, this could be the downfall of the event as less and less new people care about the “leave more trace” aspect, and litter becomes a problem.

      I feel like I heard reports that trash was really bad at the trash fence this year.

      • Trash was awful this year. I spent (along with several others from my camp) hours on Monday picking up trash from the empty playa surrounding our camp where other camps had left, streets, and the playa in front of Esplanade. It was atrocious.

  2. Well, in the interest of seeing what the hubbub was all about, and strictly in the sense of open mindedness, with no thought at all to seeing some trampy slutty hot sexy vixen dancing, I tried to track down this video, but was a mere few seconds late. It’s gone with this explanation…

  3. This is NOT what Burning Man is all about! Yes it showed people wearing their own unique costumes (the only good thing). But then it was consumed by some female shaking her ass and wallowing in the dust. Shame on you for portraying Burning Man so poorly.

  4. We are now down to 9 principles.
    I hope they cleared all the art work in the background…could be some messy lawsuits coming.

  5. holy s**t. that’s f-d. :p

    let’s use burning man as a photo backdrop for our brand shots. gotta love the one of the girl in the jzl hat. looks like they’re this year’s krug (which I also will never support now).

      • @burnersxxx definitely not. I have it on good authority from BM that they just found out about it, and their IP people are completely working on getting this taken down… let’s see how long the link is valid 😉

      • Thanks Josh. Glad to be doing what we can to help out BMorg’s IP department 😉
        Hopefully they can just blur out the logo or something , and leave the video. It’s not like these are the first half naked girls with stripper dance moves on the Playa!

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