Haters? You Ain’t Seen Nothing…

Think anti-Burner Judge Jones is bad? The Huffington Post has published a list of “The Twelve Hatiest Haters Who Ever Hated”. My favorites:

1. Bill Murray hired a deaf-mute personal assistant just to piss people off.


Bill Murray was fed up with the studio and director Harold Ramis on the set of “Groundhog Day,” so he went very out of his way to keep them out of his way. After simply not answering phone calls and being late to shoots, they suggested that Murray hire a personal assistant that could serve as a go-between if he wasn’t willing to talk with them himself. Murray ended up agreeing to the suggestion and hired a “deaf-mute who spoke only American Sign Language.” In his explanation, Murray told the studio not to worry because he was going to learn sign language himself.

4. A Michigan brewery hated Nickelback so much that it turned down a lucrative endorsement deal.


A craft beer brewery in Michigan named Dark Horse turned down a huge endorsement deal from the band Nickelback because nobody really liked them. Nickelback wanted to feature a Dark Horse truck dropping off crates of the craft beer to a frat party, but the owner of the brewery said, “I absolutely hate that band.” At the time, the Nickelback-hating brewery employees lamented, “why can’t it be some cool band like Slayer?

7. The creator of “NBA Jam” got the last laugh at Chicago Bulls fans everywhere.


Mark Turmell, lead designer of the extremely popular 90s video game “NBA Jam,” revealed in 2013 that he had rigged the game so that whenever the Chicago Bulls played the Detroit Pistons, they were at a steep disadvantage. According to Turmell, whenever the two teams would face off, Bulls’ star Scottie Pippen would have his skill ratings decreased to play poorly. If a game was close, almost none of the Bulls’ shots would be allowed to go in. As you may have guessed, Turmell was a huge Pistons fan.

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