24 Hours at Burning Man: Part II

mark dayIn 2012 Mark Day went to Burning Man for only 24 hours and filmed the journey, squashing the experience down into 23 minutes. Last year was Project number two, and he went back for 5 days. He’s condensed his trip down from 120 hours total, to a movie-length 1 hour and 20 minutes. The first 6 minutes is mostly being in the line getting into the event – an authentic look, then. Stuff you don’t see so much of in “Spark“. Surprisingly, about 100,000 people have watched it. The Spark Trailer only has 10,000 views.

I love the Tuber comment “if they made a homosexual version of Mad Max, this is what it would look like”!

7 comments on “24 Hours at Burning Man: Part II

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  2. Cheers for posting this. I would strongly recommend that anyone who finds my big fat head boring to watch/listen to should skip ahead a little (though who doesn’t love “waiting in line” footage?) Eventually it becomes, at least in part, more about the East Bay CORE effigy….

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