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  1. By appearances, it will be 40 per cent newbies, 28,000 newbies, yet again this annum, there will be much of similarity to this upon the playa. Larry and company, perchance, might place higher value upon the awesome Burner community that has thrown this party for two decades prior, of distributing more of the tickets towards the Burner community, in opposition of towards 40 per cent newbies yet again.

    Except, Larry and company are focused upon their $28 million to $45 cash out, and, yet retaining control. Beginning of their pocketing of over $4 million of salary per annum from 2010-2013, from $7.2 million of payroll of 2010 with solely 30 salary employees and, Larry and the other five former LLC shareholders upon the salary payroll, and ending upon their selling of their fully owned Decommodification LLC, containing the Burning Man(TM) name and logo )*{ (TM), to the non-profit Burning Man Project at 2016 end. Over $4 million times 7 annums is over $28 million, mostly free of taxation levies, whether it is pocketed as salary, pocketed as properties, pocketed as licensing their Burning Man(TM) name to the party, or pocketed as selling their Decommodification LLC to the non-profit Burning Man Project.

    The Gate Census of 2012 stated 39 per cent newbies. The widely shared Gate Census of 2013, from Friday of build week to Wednesday of event week, stated 42.0% newbies, 20.2% with one prior annum upon the playa, 11.3% with two, and soley 13.2% with over four prior annums upon the playa. A community can not continue with these maths.

    The cartoons by Christopher are awesome, as is his Soul Train mutant vehicle, much obliged, Christopher. Did Burning Man see the errors of their ways and gain Christoper a pair of gratis tickets, so that he may grace the playa yet again?

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