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reallocate_logoThe Burning Man Project are attaching themselves to other successful, Burner run non-profits like and [freespace]. They’re hosting a free panel in San Mateo, to show examples of how Burner values are changing the world.

It’s good to see the Burning Man Project getting involved with charities in the Burner ecosystem that are actually doing meaningful stuff. Now let’s hope they put their non-profit foundation millions where their mouths are, and help these charities out with some hard to come by donor dollars! Without this, the link to Burning Man is tenuous at best, and BMOrg are just riding off the coat tails of others’ largesse and dedication. Reallocate and [freespace] are out there making the world a better place, not just hosting panel discussions.

Come to San Mateo on May 14 for an event hosted by Danger Ranger called “Building and Inpsiring the Community You Envision”. From the official blog:

On Wednesday, May 14, Burning Man founder Michael Mikel and a few other Burner artists and organizers are coming to San Mateo, CA for a panel entitled “Building and Inspiring the Community You Envision.” The panel will discuss how Burner values can guide and inspire urban life and growth on and off the playa. The City of San Mateo invites the community to participate as part of San Mateo Innovation Week from May 12-16. It’s the first city on the Peninsula to partner with the Burning Man Project.

The panel also includes Karen Cusolito, Oakland artist and founder of American Steel Studios; Dr. Mike North, host of the Discovery Channel’s Prototype This! and founder of ReAllocate; and Ilana Lipsett, co-founder of Freespace. Stuart Mangrum, Education Director of the Burning Man Project, will facilitate.

Building and Inspiring the Community You Envision
Wednesday, May 14
6:00-8:00 PM
Joe’s Garage, 308 E. 6th Avenue, San Mateo

Registration is free, but space is limited. You can register to attend using Eventbrite.

Check out San Mateo Information Week on the web or on Facebook for more info!

Reallocate founder and double-digit Burner, Dr Mike North

Reallocate founder, double-digit Burner: Dr Mike North

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