Shadow History of Burners Part 5b – Burning With The Man

The next installment of my Shadow History of Burners series with Jan Irvin is now out.

You can download the slides and notes here: PowerpointPDF of Slides | PDF of Notes

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4 comments on “Shadow History of Burners Part 5b – Burning With The Man

  1. Any chance these videos are still out there? Shame all that incredible research should be scrubbed too easily. Thank you Steve and everyone who are exposing this op.

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  3. Hey Zos, you following the new Bmorg board appts? The Exploratorium guy may not be fishy and seems to be legit, though his social media shows him to be kind of a whiney bitch who loves to spew online about little stuff like “don’t you hate it when a parking meter doesn’t work”?

    However, PING FU, is another story! She is best known for allegedly making up lies about the Chinese gov and getting called out for them. Propagandist? NOTE: The Chinese are certainly contributing to her discreditation, but Bloomberg, LA Times, Guardian, and Kos are NOT shills for the Chinese, and they have also pwned her.

    Guess the only vetting the Bmorg does is proof of income? LOL…

    ” Plug “Ping Fu” and “liar” into Google these days and the combo yields more than 6,300 hits. (See, also, “big fat liar,” “lie-fabricating machine,” etc.)

    But it wasn’t always that way.”

    Hilarious to me, as plugging “Ping Fu” and “Liar” was exactly how I found these stories!

    This article has the funniest passage. If you aren’t wealthy and powerful, would you get the kind of benefit of the doubt of the first sentence? Who wouldn’t love to skate on an issue with one’s wife or husband with this stuff? “Well, I wouldn’t say I LIED, I just accept that it was an emotional memory.” Try that one in court if you lie to a cop or DA or something…

    “Indeed, Fu has now accepted that this detail could have been an “emotional memory”, confessing that her nightmares have blended into her memories: “Somehow in my mind I always thought I saw it, but now I’m not sure my memory served me right. I probably saw it in a movie or something, and I acknowledge that’s a problem.”

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