Drug Free Braving – Latest Craze in NY

Take that, Bay Area hipsters! Forget riding your bike to your Google bus, or jogging your way through tourists on the Golden Gate bridge and Embarcadero. The East Coast has something good for us to adopt.

Always leading the way in taste and fashion, New York introduces a new craze: dress like you’re going to a rave, go party your ass off at breakfast time, and that counts as a workout. Braving: breakfast raving, aka dancing sober: the new spin class…


The Drug-Free Breakfast Rave Is New York’s Latest Exercise Trend

Forget SoulCycle—the newest fitness craze is early morning raving, complete with DJs, costumes, and organic smoothies.

By 6:30 a.m., New Yorkers in sparkly spandex gathered at the entrance of Kinfolk 94 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They weren’t dreggy spillovers from a hard night of debauchery, but in-the-know attendees of “Morning Gloryville,” powered by a night of sleep and ready to rave their way into the day.

Greeted with hugs and adorned with Hawaiian leis, some attendees (branded “citizens”) opted for massages from “Wake Up Angels.” Others rushed to the bar for coffee, or to the “Juice Witches” counter, which served nutritious potions with orange juice, mango, pineapple, and quinoa. The rest went straight to the dance floor, with its dappled daylight from the skylight, and an exposed brick walls lit with a projector simulating a clouded sunrise.

Tasha Blank played fast and bouncy house beats with heart-shaped balloons tied to the DJ booth. Her friend, rapper and performer AKil, riled up the crowd. “The first morning glory is glorious,” he cried. When calling for a response to, “What’s the best place to be right now?” there was a wholehearted chorus of “Here!” from the hipsters, professionals, yogis, creatives, thespians, and some curious passers-by who bought tickets at the door.

Matthew Gilbertson

While the debate over the legalization of drugs raged on across America, it seemed the stigma of irresponsible raving was taking a hit from Morning Gloryville.

“I had to fake a doctor’s appointment because normally I start work at 8,” said one blonde from the marketing department of a midtown bank, grooving in her Isabel Marant wedge-heeled sneakers. “I just hope I remember to take off my entry wristband!”

A tech start-up brunette dressed in workout gear wasn’t as worried: “My manager went to Flavor Pill the other day at lunch, so it’s totally cool if I’m late,” she laughed. “I just wish my outfit wasn’t so boring, mouth grills are for Halloween, not this!”

“I thought I’d wear my suit, whatever,” said the Australian lawyer bopping toward the back, complete with silk Chanel scarf. Many had wacky and wonderful festival attire, including wigs, perhaps from the Robot Heart party—a gathering of Burning Man attendees—the Saturday gone. “Dress to sweat” had been the official dress code. And one citizen was doing a lot of it. “I hope everyone showers after this,” he smiled, boasting that his bracelet activity monitor showed 440 calories down after an hour. It was hard to distinguish between the motivational dance team and the enthusiastic citizens, liberated by the endorphin high of sharing sober dance moves and small talk with strangers. That dance floor was the lovechild of Burning Man and Soul Cycle.

One girl visiting from London was a fan of the original Morning Gloryville, which began in Shoreditch last May and has grown to monthly gatherings of around 800. She had even brought her mother. “Some people bring their kids to the London ones, with sound-proof headphones,” she said.

Matthew Gilbertson

 The beats from the next DJ, Zev, were soulful. As an organic farmer on the side, he was feeding off the early start and fresh juices. A citizen grabbed the microphone to lead a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to her friend. Then she cried out, “If you’re about to have the best day of your life, make some noise!” and everyone cheered.

Samantha Moyo, a founder of London’s Morning Glory, tells people, “Go to an interview after Morning Gloryville and you will get the job. If not, money back guarantee.” A British stylist in fuchsia tights and a leopard print leotard seemed to have faith. “I’m going to the fucking U.N. after, not dressed like this obviously,” she said. “I’m talking to them about an app I think they’ll be interested in.”

Matthew Gilbertson

The 200 citizens were all beaming as they left, taking their positive energy with them, hangover free. Some would no doubt keep dancing as they waited for the L train, hankering for the next episode of Morning Gloryville. (It’s set for June 18, with a venue big enough for yoga.)

And the Morning Gloryville phenomenon isn’t stopping at New York; the parties are launching in Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Sydney, Perth, and Zagreb this summer, and in more cities across the globe by the end of the year.

Breakfast raving, or “Braving,” as it will no doubt become known, is set to get the whole world confident with dancing sober.

That sounds like a Burner crew alright…still going from the Robot Heart party, a week later. If that’s drug-free, then I want what they’re having!

New York might not be the originator of the concept…this video gives London credit for the idea. I don’t know, Melbourne had people dancing at 8am a LONG time ago…

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  1. Man the hate from some of you guys is real. Seriously take a step back and evaluate what you’re getting angry about. People not taking drugs? I love “recreational drugs” but to not learn anything from them and just kinda like act how you do just seems like a sad hedonistic lifestyle with a lot of suffering. Watch your breath.

  2. Interesting indeed, however it sounds more like an early morning electronic AA meeting to me. It is unfortunate that the scene has been taken over long ago by those who over-indulge in substances, which is what partially helped to destroy it. Personally I have no issue with people recreationally indulging in some substances as an enhancement, but not for the sole purpose of their attendance. The purpose should be for the music, the vibe, and the dance……not the substance, but also not into either or. I am a DJ and a lover of dance that has been involved in the electronic scene since around 1992 and I was able to see the rise and fall. It is about balance, which many unfortunately do not have…..

    • But don’t get me wrong……I am not against the idea and it may be a “cute” early morning fun yet relaxing/chill thing to do.

  3. Jesus fuck people: sober raving? Really??? I mean REALLY?!? I got a better idea- go become a suit, find you some quick answers with religion, and kiss your youth the fuck goodbye. Sober raving? Jesus Christ what kind of fucking pussy shits even dream this horse shit up? It’s over for you! Go be who you REALLY are- a square. A stupid, lame, square who real partiers roll their eyes at. Stay in your cubical, needle dick. Leave the partying to those who still have blood pumping through their veins.

  4. Hey, come on, burners.me. You’ve reprinted another site’s entire article, pictures and all. That is not Fair Use and you didn’t even mention the name of the author, Jessica Burdon.

    Is stealing others’ creative content and using it to get clicks on your site – without reprint rights or proper attribution – really in line with Burner values? Especially considering that your GoodReads (that is, Amazon.com) Recommended Reading affiliate widget makes you a commercial site, so you’re potentially profiting off others’ work?

    Please research the legality of reprinting copyright material – the situations and limitations pertaining thereto – and consider changing this practice, as it only hurts content creators in the long run.

    • The article is from Daily Beast. It is clearly attributed. The text in italics is what we’re quoting to discuss, like all the other articles we’ve discussed on this site for years. We comment on the Daily Beast article before quoting it, and after. We take issue with their claim that this originated in New York, and provide a link to YouTube demonstrating that London has an earlier claim. We also highlight their text with bold type – that is, the bits of it we are discussing in our article about their article.

      What is your background in fair use? Are you an intellectual property attorney? Do you represent Jessica Burdon? Could you please state the basis under which you assert that there has been financial harm to Jessica, or anyone else’s interests, by us discussing a Daily Beast article (and providing a clear link to their site and their article)?

      Have you heard of blogging? It’s a use of software tools like WordPress, where people discuss other articles on the Internet. It’s become quite popular, you should check it out sometime. Last month WordPress had 42 million blog posts.

      I don’t know what you’re talking about WRT to Goodreads and this being a commercial site. No-one is profiting from this. No-one is paying for us to deal with time-wasting crap and spurious allegations like you are throwing at us here.

      Have you ever been to Burning Man? What do you know about Burner values? Do you realize that Burning Man takes Burner content and monetizes the shit out of it, as we discussed here: http://burners.me/2013/06/12/do-not-use-the-words-burning-man/

      I note from your Facebook that you are part of the Embrace crew. Are you just butt-hurt because you didn’t get official sanction for your hetero-normative art installation? We tried to promote it for you – for free, unless you are asserting that you attempted to pay us for that…


      • this is a great one from your Facebook. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”…

        “I have an idea: We get some photographers and maybe a video camera or two. Taking full advantage of the incredibly permissive laws in this country about what is “public” information and what is not, we go down to Mountainview, CA and play Paparazzi with high-level employees and executives of major tech companies. We collect a bunch of information about them, follow them around and snap pictures of them, dig through their garbage, collect “profiles” of them and then “sell” this information on a web page”

  5. I would so fuckin do this shit every morning!trust me I love to dance in the morning it makes life better.Work does not suck as much!
    If you try it you will see,I am no fucking hipster or hippie I am a hard core burner!and I will fuck yer day right off! 🙂
    but dance betches we all would be alot happier

  6. Without drugs, people quickly realize that house music and all the rest of it, is actually annoying and vapid. The reason for the boom in techno music over the last few decades is to provide a sense of solace for those who are tripping – to get lost in the music… so people high on cocaine and other substances cant talk your ear off like they usually do because the music is very loud. It doesn’t translate to breakfast, unless you are such a hipster than you deserve to be murdered.

    • I agree with burnersxxx- these sober garbage pile people are just limp-wristed hipsters. FUCK HIPSTERS! Go back to Portland with your fixie bike, stupid hair cut, vegan Nazism, and all-around vapid existence of spotting the band first and conforming to a bunch of old fossils rules. Whimps! Pussies! Grow a pair. Seriously!

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