When Will The Bass Drop?


Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg nails it in the season finale. Happy Sunday Funday Burners! It’s certainly a beautiful sunny day here in San Francisco. Shout out to DJ Cosmic Selector for this one.

Andy plays a “Burning Man weirdo” in his new TV show:

I’m going to go do a series in England for the BBC. I’m excited about it. I still haven’t met almost anyone that is working on it, but they sent me the script, and then they sent me the second script, and I was like, “I love this.” Who knows what happens with it, but I’m staying busy. 

AVC: You play a sort of New Age character in it?

AS: Yeah, the best way I can describe it is as kind of a Burning Man, backpacker, faux-Zen, American weirdo that marries into a British family and moves in with them in England. 

Samberg is from Berkeley and recently got married in Big Sur, to Joanne, a lovely young singer from Nevada City.

It seems like the EDM world reacted better to this skit, than Burner Elon Musk did to Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley piss-take.

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