6 comments on “Cartoon – The BRC # 47

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  2. continued:

    >Sparklepony notices our shower setup, asks if she can take a shower. I say sure, and show her how to work it. She comes back in 2 minutes, says the water was too cold. She hangs out for a while, helping herself to some food. Campmate comes in and says, “Who left the show running?!” Shower water almost totally drained, overfills our gray water containment, making a huge puddle on the playa. Not even an apology.


  3. >Patron night at our bar, Sparklepony asks if we have mixers. I say that we don’t. Sparklepony, “But I fucking hate tequila!” Asks if we know where a better party is.

    >Sparklepony walks into camp Monday morning asking for a ride to Reno. Tell her that we’re not leaving until Tuesday. She says, “But I have a flight to catch!” We just look at her. She says it again, louder. Then storms off.

    >Serve Sparklepony a full glass of chilled Frog’s Leap sauvignon blanc. Takes a sip, then asks if we have any red wine. Sorry, no red wine. She picks up the newly opened bottle and pours it on the ground. As we try to stop her, she screams, “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” Throws the empty bottle on the ground and walks off.


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