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water truck2If you travel to the desert, you’re going to need water. If you’re going for a week, you’re going to need a lot of it. At least twice as much as you would drink in Defaultia. Burning Man doesn’t provide water for you, the best they can offer you is to stand in line for an hour, buy some ice, wait for the ice to melt, and then you can drink it. You can also buy a steaming hot coffee and wait for it to cool. Alternatively, you could become one of the 10% of 5000-odd visits to the medical center each year who are treated for serious dehydration.

Despite what BMOrg tell you, it is possible to buy things when you’re at Burning Man. And one of those things is Potable water. If you know where you’ll be camping, and especially if your camp site will have 4 or more RVs, why not pre-arrange some potable water deliveries? The sparkle ponies can have showers and you can refill the bong!

McKinnies Equipment Company have been serving the Playa’s water needs for more than 10 years. McKinnies Equipment Company



Contact Bill McKinnies (775) 771-0720 For Reservations, information, and pricing.

Nevada State Certified

MECO Potable Water Tanks

Potable Water Tanks Delivery

Please submit your camp information for water delivery. We will contact you on pricing for water for Burning Man.

Prices will include a full 2 week rental and set up fee.

500 gallon tank 
500 gallon w/ pump and hose 
1000 gallon tank including pump and hose 

Potable Water Filling

Water tank fills per gallon

RV water fills – per gallon on reserved camps (4 RV’s/tanks or more)

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  2. When are the Ferris Wheels going up? Coming up on the journey to lowest common denominator will be a BM reality TV show! Maybe an episode of Dancing with the Stars can be filmed at BM or maybe some of those outrageous rich, childish, bitchy housewife TV shows.

    Imagine the $$$ that will be rolling in! Ain’t Amerika great?

  3. This sort of nullifies the point of going to Burning Man and practicing radical self reliance and decommodification.

    Why not just pay for someone to setup my camp, bring in all my food, bikes and gears while all I do is fly in and fly out.

    Yes, I know that’s is already the case for some people going to Burning Man.

    • Yeah, screw the fact that it’s wasteful (extra bottles/jugs/containers) and not good for the environment to haul this stuff in our personal cars! We need ideals to uphold, like making sure every single person brings what they use!

      While we’re at it, no dancing on art carts or at camps that you didn’t build yourself, and no free stuff on the playa at all. That’ll teach ’em!

        • Either your sarcasm detector is way off or you’re a self-reliance extremist who doesn’t care about the negative impacts of that self-reliance. Either way, my point is that we don’t need to fervently defend principles when they conflict with other principles (leaving no trace and the general principle of environmentalism). Water delivery is a great way to reduce trash and emissions.

          We can have fun, share burdens efficiently, and not judge others because they choose to things differently.

  4. Are those McKinnies Equipment Company employees in the photo? If so, I’d like two of each, thank you.

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