BMOrg Announces ASS Project

And they really need your help. This time, they’re not asking for a donation. Just, if you’re gonna get free schwag at Burning Man, accept it in the form of gifts from Burners only: don’t take any of BMOrg’s shit.

Will Chase says:

8thAndHeartSometimes, when the citizens of Black Rock City are confronted with a challenge, they turn it into an art project. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of those times.

The street signs that adorn every corner of BRC are not only beautiful, they’re functional. Not only are they functional, they are critical to public safety. When that ambulance is looking to find YOU, they need to know what street they’re on. SO DON’T REMOVE STREET SIGNS!

Now, despite what we say, we know it’ll happen anyway. So let’s solve this with an art project! Here’s how …

Adopt a street corner in your neighborhood, and augment the street sign with aesthetically pleasing, informative signs of your own making!

We’re calling this the Adopt a Street Sign (ASS) project, because we’re 12-years old.

Radical Self-Expression, meet Communal Effort. BOOM. Make babies.

Translation? BYO street signs, because BMOrg’s ones are probably just going to be stolen, and their budget doesn’t stretch to backups. Pity BMOrg couldn’t have announced this new policy art project earlier in the year, so Burners waiting for tickets could have applied their creative energies to something more useful.


11 comments on “BMOrg Announces ASS Project

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  2. I think we should Adopt a Street Sign by making the signs either extremely difficult and perhaps very uncomfortable to steal. I’m thinking electricity, adhesives that bond instantly to skin, and hair-trigger dye packs as a start. Who’s with me?

  3. Come on Burners! With decline of respect for the BOrg, and a general exploitation of the Tin Principles(TM), it’s everyone’s responsibility to pick up the slack. How do you expect the 1% airstrip crowd to find their way around BRC? Now get to work!!

    • BTW, my assistant just found an (expensive) BRC overlay map you can download to the (name withheld) mapping app on your smartphone. No wifi or network signal required. Your phone can locate you from the GPS network. Just stay out from under the trees on the playa, and you don’t need any street signs. )$(

  4. The street signs used to go on Saturday night. Now they’re mostly gone by Thursday night. I always brought extra glow sticks to put on the empty metal sign posts of doom.

    One year, a three wheel motorcyclist with trailer ran over the sign post, and it lit the underside of his bike on fire. He just sat on his bike trying to make it go forward as flames began to rise. I helped put out the flames, and then he wanted me to stand on the post to push it down so he could get free – which would have been an extremely dangerous thing to be standing on when the bike went forward. He basically gave me the finger when I said no, and pulled back the throttle . The sign post shot up with the energy of a thousand suns, and was forever bent at 45 degrees – creating an even worse hazard. He just drove off into the night.

    • what’s the good in this story? It’s about theft. I guess I could try to talk about it more positively from the crowd-sourcing aspect? Like, “rather than us dealing with this problem, you guys make the city! Gift us your civic responsibility immediately, in the name of self-expression!”…with the added benefit of BMOrg cost savings at Burners expense. I actually find it amusing, sorry if it came across as too negative.

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