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Qwizen have launched a handy new service to help Burners streamline their radical self reliance so they have more time and energy for immediacy. They will pre-make organic meals for Burners “anywhere” in California or Reno, and deliver them to you before you leave for the Playa. The vacuum-sealed meals can be stored in a cooler with ice or an RV fridge:

qwizenwe have just launched an organic fresh food, snack and juice distribution platform to accommodate burners who can order fresh-packed meals, energy bars and refreshments and have them delivered in a refrigerated box to their home/office ready to be loaded into their car or RV before heading to BRC.

The meals look yummy. Gluten free and vegan options are available.

QWIZEN offers a new approach to the fresh food delivery market by combining top quality organic ingredients sourced from local farmers, creative recipes prepared by talented Chefs and vacuum sealing technology for your convenience, health and delight.

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Originating from the association of a French foodie and an American Chef, QWIZEN delivers to your door (in all of California & Reno area in Nevada) ready-to-eat fresh-packed flavorful organic meals you can enjoy right away or within eight days during which you simply need to store them in your fridge or cooler. During the eight-day period you can also decide to freeze those meals to consume them at a much later date.

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Because QWIZEN fresh organic meals are vacuum sealed you can easily transport them as long as they stay refrigerated or kept on ice. They are the perfect solution for any week end getaways, vacation rentals, festivals or for your next camping trip.

We naturally thought that Burning Man with its 65,000 worldwide campers would be a great way to introduce our concept and fresh organic meals.

In addition to organic meals we have partnered with Project Juice, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips, Alive & Radiant and Alter Eco to provide you with organic cold-pressed juices and organic snacks you will be able to enjoy in the Playa.

QWIZEN can be defined by:

organic, sustainable & local sourcing
environmental & social responsibility throughout the supply chain
– original recipes
– convenience
– flavor, flavor & flavor!

At QWIZEN we take pride in the quality of the products we use, to bring to you highly creative meals that capture the freshest seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers engaging in sustainable and organic practices.

We always privilege local sourcing over imports but when we need exotic components for our menu creation we exclusively work with fair trade suppliers, like Alter Eco for our Royal Rainbow Quinoa which is produced in the Bolivian Altiplano by local organic growers…

We are starting our adventure in providing gourmet signature meals, Project Juice cold-pressed refreshments, Alter Eco chocolate bars & truffles, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips and Alive & Radiant snacks to “burners” around the festival dates (from Friday August 22nd through Thursday August 28th, 2014) in all of California and Reno area in Nevada.

But QWIZEN won’t stop with the Man burning… on the contrary our full-fledged operations will actually begin after the dismantlement of Black Rock City and offer not only additional products but also new services.

So stay tuned, leave no trace and get ready to repeat good habits…

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