Tuesday Afternoon Update: All Systems Go

Some updates via BMIR:

caravansary tapeThe gate and all roads leading to the festival are open. Travel times are:

Wadsworth to Gerlach 1:48

Gerlach to gate 0:15

Highway to Gate 2:00-3:00

Will Call wait time is unknown. Go to the bathroom before you line up, you could be standing for a while.

Make sure you fill your gas tank before heading in. The chaos of entry will have caused many Burners to use more gasoline than expected, meaning it could be  a clusterfuck of epic proportions on the way out. Last we heard was Gerlach was out of gas but Empire had some, if anyone has recent information please update us.

Black Rock City is full from 6:30 to 10:00. There is plenty of room on the 2:00 side. Proving that most Burners are there to rage.

The airport is fully functional, as of 1:45pm both runways are open.

art burner-plane1



iP-RampartThere is a police station staffed 24/7 next to Rampart (the Medical center). We hear one medical emergency this year was a Burner being struck by lightning during one of the storms.

sheriff stuckThe cops will be having a big procession to the Temple on Wednesday afternoon for a fallen officer, so if you see a bunch of cop cars in a big line, that’s what’s going on. Please be respectful, they are part of this city too.

The police are encouraging Burners to interact with officers, say hello, be friendly. They realize that the majority of the population are taking drugs. They are not actively looking for narcotics, but if they notice you smoking a joint in front of them they have to cite you. Remember you’re on Federal land, you’re not in San Francisco or Seattle or Denver! You have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your tent or RV.

They have never given a citation for riding a bicycle too fast, which might be difficult anyway this year given the Playa condition. Speed limit for all other vehicles within Black Rock City is 5 MPH.

The officers at Black Rock City work 12 hour shifts a day, and do not get any time off to wander the city as civilians – their bosses worry that they wouldn’t show up for work the next day. The supervisors are working 16 hour shifts, which is to be commended.

Rampart workers also work 12-hour or more shifts. 

embrace 2014

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  1. Since you featured an image of Rampart, you should note that they work 12 hour shifts as well. (Usually longer)

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