Busted? Lawyers For Burners Can Help You Beat The Rap

Lawyers For Burners gave an interview on BMIR today, with some useful information.

lawyers for burnersIf you get a citation at Burning Man, please contact Lawyers for Burners. More than 2/3rds of citations at Burning Man are for drugs. If you just pay the fine, you will have a drug offense permanently on your record. If you show up in court, or send a lawyer on your behalf, you are almost certain to be able to plea-bargain the offense down so the drug aspect is removed.

Court appearances are November, December, January in Reno.

Every person in the past has been offered the opportunity to plea bargain it down from a drug offense, usually to a traffic offense. The fine may be reduced also.

Drug offenses are handled by the BLM. Pershing County Sheriff’s department may be involved for other offenses.

Lawyers for Burners can recommend a lawyer who will appear for you for $200. Their recommendations are lawyers who are part of our community. They are very experienced with Pershing County, which is a small jurisdiction, with only a few lawyers who regularly appear.



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  1. My Son, Taylor Russell, is in Pershing County Jail, because he wanted to be a part of the Burning Man spiritual journey. He is a gentle, humble and giving person, who, like many others out at Burning Man, wanted to reunite with old friends, connect again with the spiritual community that he felt so close with, and give back to a place he has long felt has given him so much insight, spiritual healing, and many close friends.
    He was in a car with several others, who had several different drugs, paraphanalia and since he was with them, he was charged with the same thing. His only crime is that because he wanted to attend so badly, he stuffed himself into this car, and they drove for hours in the heat just to get to the front gates. He has never been in jail, so you can imagine how it must be like for a young college student to be in Nevada, alone and apprehensive in this place. I ask if any of you out there know him, go speak to him, write to him, show him you care. PLEASE. I don’t mean to sound like a desperate mother, but at this point, with no bail money to get him out, I just want him to feel like someone out there cares, and to let him know it—-Thank You for your time, and listening….listen to your heart and do what you feel is right. 🙂

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