2014 Music [Update]


2014 carl cox opulent temple


[Update 9/17/14 6:00 pm] Here’s a master collection of 92 sets from The Art of Present

Sander van Doorn has shot a promo video on the Playa:


Here’s a selection of what has been released so far. Want more? JedenTagEinSet has compiled a Soundcloud playlist of 58 Burning Man 2014 mixes


The Scumfrog – Driving to Burning Man

Syd Gris – Opulent Temple

Loboman – Live from the top of Charlie the Unicorn on Burn Night

K-Dust Playa)(Skool, Thursday

Salinger – Mystopia

Anthony Mansfield – Space Cowboys Hoe Down

Brett Rubin and Violin Girl – Slutgarden

Yental Beats – live at Funky Town

Isaiah Martin – Dreaming of Home; Sunrise sessions  https://soundcloud.com/ultrafi/sunrise-sessions-burning-man-2014

Sanedrac Dustfish

Well Groomed at Darwin Fish Tank

2014 distrikt bwChus & Ceballos at Distrikt Thursday

Allgood Funk Alliance at Robot Heart

Tycho Black Sunrise

Miyagi @ the Kazbah

Marcus Schultz

FunkAgenda @ Opulent Temple

 Simon Shackleton Nutz Camp

Jacob Just

David Hohme – Heart Phoenix

KingPlow – Camp Feral Fauna

DJQP Celtic Chaos




Robot Heart; photo by Peter Ruprecht

Robot Heart; photo by Peter Ruprecht




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