DPWBRC: Action Required

When DPW asks me to do something, I usually do it. In this case, it appears to stand for the Department of Psychokinetic Works.

I don’t quite know what’s going on here, but I like it.

Are you a hippie? What does it all mean? Maybe you can’t put a meaning on it. Maybe it’s meaningless.


trans DPW BRC

trans BRC Sacred Schematic MAP 2014To me, it doesn’t seem to fit the city edges as well as this one:

2013 double pentagram

They took heed:

This is a rendition of Black Rock City if point 3 (the top) of the perimeter were placed in proportion to the the city and the man using the golden mean. In this schematic, the temple belongs at the top of the small pentagram and center camp belongs at the center of the flower of life.  These changes would improve the flow of energy in BRC.


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