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Ace Junkyard, “an unlikely epicenter of San Francisco’s industrial, mechanical, kinetic, maker and artist community” which has played a big, behind-the-scenes role in supporting Burner art projects, is the subject of a new documentary. They’re seeking funding of $60,000 via Kickstarter to produce it, and have only raised $16,581 so far – with 13 days to go. Click here if you would like to support the making of this documentary. For $1,000, you can be in the film, and for $10,000, you can be an Executive Producer.

from Kickstarter:

Join us in making more ART!!!

A documentary about Bill Kennedy, the magical fairy of Ace Junkyard, who helped San Francisco’s collaborative art community achieve their dream


Ace Junkyard seems like an impossible, mythical place. I was so struck by this place and by the man who ran it, I decided to make a movie about it. The world should know that sometimes, piles of junk can define a culture, make a huge difference and be the raw materials for art that changes the world.

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Bill in his Blondie days

Bill in his Blondie days

Ace Junkyard, run by Bill “The Junkman” Kennedy, was an unlikely epicenter of San Francisco’s industrial, mechanical, kinetic, maker and artist community. Under Bill’s stewardship, Ace evolved to provide a space for industrial artists, makers, freaks and geeks to find parts, co-conspirators, share skills and experience each other’s creations. Ace Junkyard hosted a wide range of live cultural events: music, comedy, theater, experimental performance, and of course, the Power Tool Drag Races which was aired on the Discovery Channel. Many Burning Man projects came to life and went to die here.

The magical story of Ace Junkyard is a critical look at the evolution of a one-of-a-kind space, what it brought to the community that loved it and served it, and how its untimely end continues to unite the individuals it served even years after it is gone.

If you want to see this movie, please consider supporting this Kickstarter!

Power Tool Drag Races circa 2008

Power Tool Drag Races circa 2008

WHY AM I RAISING $60,000? 

I have completed about 70% of principal photography of the film. The $60,000 I raise through this campaign will give me the resources to interview a handful of key people, such as Bill’s family, the landlady, Larry Harvey (one of the founders of the Burning Man festival), and a number of very important employees and customers of Ace Auto Dismantlers. The money will help me license footage that’s important in telling the story, employ a lawyer so I don’t screw anyone or anything up, insurance, permits, and other very necessary but too-boring-to–list things. AND, it will help me employ and feed an editor full-time to start editing this mother of a project, plus a team of people to make music, color correct, distribute and market the heck out of this film!!


By donating to this film you will:

1.    instantly become part of Ace Junkyard crew

2.    help Billy become a film star

3.    (all joking aside) get to tell the world how awesome freaks and geeks are and show how collaborative culture can literally change the world

4.    have access to lots of really really cool rewards that no one else can offer you

5.    help preserve the San Francisco underground art and culture scene

Here is the original t-shirt design by Seth that you will get if you donate at the OBTAINER level…

Seth Maxfield Malice original design

Seth Maxfield Malice original design

At the COLLECTOR level you can get a piece of original junk from the yard…hand picked by Billy…you never know what treasure you can get…it will be good I promise!

Handpicked by Bill

Handpicked by Bill


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