“Like Burning Man Gone Wrong”

That’s what Vulture has to say about the trailer for the new movie Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth film in the Mad Max franchise by Australian director George Miller. The series has been a big inspiration behind the costumes, art cars, and overall post-apocalyptic steampunk anarchist vibe of Burning Man.


The New Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road Is Like Burning Man Gone Wrong

WIRED was effusive in its praise and excitement:

mad-mad-fury-road-comic-con-posterAfter watching this clip we wanted to file this under “Greatest Movie Ever Made” even though it’s probably a little too soon to make that call. That said, we’ve got a feeling, deep in our bones, that this movie will be spectacular. George Miller looks like he’s out for bloody vengeance, seeking to rain down hate on anyone who’s dared make an “action” movie since he left the post-apocalypse behind. The Godfather of the original Mad Max trilogy has had a weirdly touchy feely resume since going beyond the Thunderdome 30 years ago. His last four projects have been:Lorenzo’s Oil, Babe: Pig in the City, and two Happy Feet movies. Apparently, handling such sentimental fare has built a swirling tempest of rage inside Miller, because Fury Road looks like it’s not just here to build on the steampunk hellfire deathrace legacy of the first three Max movies. The new Tom Hardy edition of Earth-gone-wrong wants to double down, take eight shots of Absinthe, and inhale a dozen rails of meth before plunging an adrenaline needle into its own heart. Considering we have computers now and they do everything, Fury Road and its very real explosions don’t even feel possible. Who let this happen? Did Miller film on Mars? How many undisclosed on-set deaths will we hear about 10 years from now? This is horrible to say, but if the feature film is even half as good as these first two trailers, it might be worth whatever price was paid—in blood or treasure—to get it made. The only thing left to do between now and May 15th is build a screen big enough with definition high enough to do it justice. We’ll be waiting.

The future belongs to the mad:

Mad Max Mastermind Miller

Mad Max Mastermind Miller

George Miller went on from Mad Max to make such Hollywood classics as Happy Feet and Babe: Pig In The City.

Burners of a certain age will remember Tina Turner’s epic role in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, part 3 of the series, which was released in 1985 – the year before Burning Man was born. That’s right, when the last Mad Max movie was made, there was no such thing as Burning Man. Will there be any references to the event in this new installment? It seems like the special effects might have improved, and Tina has been upgraded to Charlize Theron, but otherwise, it’s more of the same good stuff that has made the franchise a cult classic, and inspired generations of Burners to go mad in the desert.

Check out a still youthful Mel Gibson:

If you don’t remember the movie, you probably know the song:

Personally, for my post-apocalyptic, cavemen in rags driving dune buggies soundtrack, I prefer 2-Pac and alleged Burning Man mastermind Dr Dre:

Although there’s something to be said for the Zion rave scene in Matrix 2: Reloaded


mad max fury road cars

Is that the Mad Max version of Robot Heart?

Art cars galore!


Is this the Mad Max version of Robot Heart?



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  2. Happy Feet gone wrong maybe. The trailers for Mad Max: Fury Road just look like Mad Max 2 and 3 to me. Most people here would agree that Burning Man has already gone wrong- not by road rage or explosions, but by exploitation, skulduggery, defecation on the Ten Principles, and general douchebaggotry. But then again, prior to this millenium, people were already saying Burning Man had gone wrong. The idea of Burning Man Gone Wrong has been a Burner meme since seemingly the beginning; it’s a tired-ass statement, yet to me, it rings truer than ever!

    Maybe when the approved vendors stop trucking in fuel and water and stop trucking out greywater and blackwater, THEN Burning Man will start looking like a Mad Max film, Because, BRC is still unsustainable as fuck. But, since it’s already Gone Wrong, maybe one way to help save it would be to shut down the Airport to all but Evac, and maybe limit the size of, and/or tax RVs, but not other vehicles. And no more goddamned escort services/catering companies/private chefs/slavery/art slavery.

    • I agree with all of it except RV tax. if anything NO more ticket $. Everyone bring their own shit like how Burning Man started. No land rental either. Whoever came up with the concept land rental deserves your douchebaggotry award!

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  4. The influence of the Mad Max movies on the Burning Man look and feel is impossible to overstate. I too am interested to see how/if BM will influence this reboot.

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