Burning Man 2015 Tickets Information [Updates]

See all the details here – http://tickets.burningman.org/

4,000 Pre-Sale tickets will be sold for $800 each, $150 more than last year’s “art benefactor” tickets.
20,000 Directed Group Sale tickets are priced at $390, $10 more than last year.
40,000 Individual Sale tickets and 1,000 OMG Sale tickets will be $390 as well.
4.000 Low Income tickets will be available at $190.

Vehicle Passes are required again. 27,000 will be sold for $50 each, $10 more than last year.

What are your initial thoughts? Happy Holidays and see you in the comments!

– Rabbitt

Christmas Camp, 1993. Photo by Gerry Gropp. From galleries.burningman.org.

Peter Doty’s “Christmas Camp”, Burning Man’s first theme camp, 1993. Photo by Gerry Gropp.

[Update 12/28/14 6:12pm NZ]


Thanks Rabbitt for this post. I’ve plugged the numbers into my spreadsheet and it shows a revenue hike of close to 10% for BMOrg, over their record-setting 2014. “Fewer vehicle passes” sounds nice but is practically meaningless since they sell them at the gate.

Screenshot 2014-12-29 08.23.34

2014 sales: $28,598,595

Increase: $1,905,307 (6.7%)

To estimate the “Canada Premium”, I have used the number of Burners from Canada from the most recent Black Rock City census (September 2014). The shipping cost to mail tickets to Canada is $29 for UPS and $39 for UPS Expedited, so I have taken the median price ($34).

[Update 12/29/14 8:25am NZ]

Corrected a small error in my earlier assumptions, where I had the Canada premium at $15. The premium is on top of the regular Mail/Will Call fee of $12, so it should be $22.

In the last JackedRabbit they said:

We’ve worked hard to keep the price of tickets down, despite increasing event production costs. In 2012 the main tier was $390. When we got rid of tiered pricing the following year, we lowered the main tier to $380, which it has been for the past two years. This year there is an increase of just $10, putting the main price back at $390

As usual with propaganda information from this source, this is not actually the whole truth. Once you add all the handling and shipping charges, a ticket and a pass to get in by vehicle is $466 plus tax – a 23% hike over $380. It’s not so easy to get around the add-on charges. First of all, you’re not permitted to walk in. If you fly in, you pay an additional $40 and if you take the Burner Express bus it costs $68 from Reno and $100 from San Francisco (one-way). It is possible to get to Burning Man for less than $466, but only if you ride-share (or are privileged enough to be selected by BMOrg for a Low Income ticket).

In 2012 tickets started at $240 and the next tier was $320 – $390 was the MAXIMUM price. There were 15,000 tickets at the maximum tier, the same number at the middle tier, and 10,000 at the lowest price. So the “main” amount of tickets were much less than $390. The average across these tiers was $326.25, which $466 is an increase of 43% over.

The VIP Pre-Sale were $420 in 2012, so they have also just about doubled in 3 years…as has the cost for a regular Burner who just wants go to Burning Man. [Source: Huffington Post]

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  4. I would *really* love to see an analysis of the Vehicle Passes. Where did they go, where are they going? Why are there so many fewer than last year?

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  6. Dearest newbies,

    Might you be curious as to a rationale of veteran burners becoming jaded in due of the actions of the BMOrg, or, might you be curious as to the rationale of solely a few big art projects are to be burned on the playa within 2015, here is a rationale as to why.

    The BMOrg promised of an updated art contract to be posted upon their website prior to the end of 2014, but, that did not occur, yet another broken promise. Might any person obtain the contract, send the contract to Ross Asselstine and burnersxxx, purposed towards future artists viewing the art honorarium contract.

    In addendum, the BMOrg spent solely $13 of each ticket on the art on the playa, including $1.50 for the temple, within 2014. It was desired, in due of ticket revenues raising from near to $12 million five years prior, to $30.5 million within 2015, and each of the six prior BRC LLC owners, the BMOrg, obtaining by estimate, as much cash as they paid for all prior art, and temples, on the playa, as their cash out, they still have lead wallets towards the artists. They are a very budget based organization, and their budget has been decided for 2015, and, in place of them stating art grants will raise dramatically within 2015, they state they will solely provide cash towards ‘a small number of grants for the purpose of partially funding specific art projects.’ Their Burning Man Project will be requesting donations for further funding of art at Burning Man, the for profit festival under their near total control, the source of the cash for their cash out. Within 2014, burners donated solely $123,000 in this manner, solely $2 of each burner, thus, newbies, might you desire for art to be burned on the playa, you must donate your cash, in addendum to paying for your tickets.

    In addendum, the BMOrg fucked up on all big art to be burned on the playa within 2014. Click on the link, within the start of this comment, for details.

    a) The temple, by Ross Asselstine and his mates, was selected by the BMOrg, and then the BMOrg refused to negotiate a fair contract with him. Thus, their temple did not occur.

    b) The other big art to be burned on the playa, Embrace, was left, by the BMOrg, over $35,000 in debt of their $220,000 budget, with the BMOrg paying solely $1.50 of each ticket towards the awesome Pier Group for Embrace. This is after the BMOrg stated Embrace was too ‘heteronormative’, whatever that might mean, to be the temple, and refused to permit Embrace to be burned on the playa after Embrace was constructed, in Reno, for more than half of a year. That is the rationale Embrace was burned in the morning in place of in the night. Kudos to the awesome Pier Group upon their desire to construct another Embrace in Reno, please donate, towards them, in support of their efforts.

    c) CORE projects were cancelled within early 2014, there were 24 CORE projects upon the playa within 2013. Larry, Marian, and their mates desired their regional representatives to be in control of the projects, in place of the awesome artists being in control of their projects, and the BMOrg desired to pay solely $1,000 towards each of the CORE projects, which was to be spent on stones to prevent burn scars on the playa. By appearance, the rationale of CORE projects not occurring was in due of the desire of cash, and the desire of top down control.

    d) Of the awesome space ship man base of 2013, it was commented that the BMOrg offered the designer and lead builder solely $15,000 for 15 months of his labour. In addendum, it was commented the man base A-crew quit during construction of the spaceship, in due of the actions of the BMOrg, might any person might have information upon this, comment below. Thus, no man base, or structures around the man, are to be burned within 2014 or within 2015.

    Many of us desired of the 501(c)3 Burning Man Project board to take control and place their responsibilities to place the needs of the Project, public perception of the Project, ethics, and transparency towards donors first, to get this rubbish under control for 2015, but they did not do so. Thus, newbies, within 2015, here is as to where your $390 or $450 or $800 of ticket money does not go

    a) Artists, solely near to $13 of each ticket
    b) DPW labourers, whom construct the infrastructure of the city, solely near to $10
    c) Mutant vehicles, $0
    d) Sound camps, $0
    e) DJs, $0
    f) Theme camps whom provide entertainment, $0

    Thus, newbies, show gratitude towards the awesome artists, DPW labourers, mutant vehicle owners, sound camps, DJs, and theme camps. The proper manner of showing gratitude towards the artists is to donate cash towards their art.

    Might the BMOrg desire to dispute any of this, they are most encouraged to provide transparency towards donors of cash, stock, labour, and art, as to where the money actually goes.

  7. One math correction and on math disagreement.
    390 (Ticket) + 12(Delivery/Will-call) + 7(Processing) + 50(Vehicle pass) = 459
    a 17% increase over 2012
    I think you double counted the $7 processing fee.
    Since not everyone can or will buy a vehicle pass it is more fair to add the average price of passes which works out to be roughly $20 which gives us $429 a 10% increase over 2012. If a veteran burner is incapable of finding a ride to burning man then I shudder to think of how they will survive the playa.

    That being said, the whole “We’ve worked hard to keep the price of tickets down” song and dance is obviously horseshit as is their claim that the main ticket price was 390. So the math problems are just minor nitpicks on my part.

    If they want to increase their revenue then increasing the ticket prices is the most open way to do it. While I am not happy about the increased ticket prices I would rather they get more money from stated ticket sales than from donor only tickets later in the year or from sharing revenue from commodification camps. We can view the additional $39 cost as a ‘please don’t sell out’ fee.

    The will-call fee is actually good news in my eyes. Yes it will increase the minimum ticket cost, but hopefully the money will actually be used to improve the will-call system which definitely needs to be expanded. $12 an order will certainly pay for a few more windows and/or paid staff.

    The other bit of good news is the 5,000 ticket increase to the directed group sale. This should improve the veteran/virgin ratio a good deal since veterans are the people most likely to be included in the directed sale. Granted a few a them could also be going to specific rich virgins, but I doubt it is anywhere near 5,000.

    • I’m trying to show the actual cost, not the average. In 2012 an informed Burner would just buy tickets at the cheaper tier ($240). Anyone remember what the handling fees were then? I believe less than $19 for Will Call tickets.

      For the vehicle pass handling fees, I’m going by their web site, which says a $7 handling fee is charged for EACH ticket or pass:

      “In addition to delivery fees, all orders are subject to processing fees of $7 per ticket or vehicle pass.”

      Significantly, it does NOT say “per order” but it does say “per vehicle pass”. I probably should have vehicle passes in at $57 which would add a further $350,000 to their 2015 top line.

      While we’re nitpicking (which I appreciate, thank you, accuracy is the goal), technically I should be comparing 2015 to 2014 so it increased 22.6% ($86/$380). I’ve updated this in the article.

    • From the recent FB discussions on the 2014 directed tickets, it is apparently entirely subjective and non-transparent. They can now “direct” those tickets to whomever they like. Before the additional 5,000 can be “god news,” the directed ticket sales should be transparent both in policy and as to who got the tickets. Sure, a private corporation can do whatever they want, but considering that those who want to see, the burners, actually create the event, transparency should be paramount.

      All the grant agencies I know list who they gave grants to, and directed sales tickets in a sold-out environment are essentially grants. The BOrg is choosing who will be there, and how many tickets they grant them access to.

      • Nomad, it is good to read your comments again, I am in appreciation of your comments and statements.

        My belief is 10,000 directed tickets might be termed ‘World’s Biggest Guest List’, but, 20,000 directed tickets is different, it is purposed towards maintaining the event, and purposed towards maintaining the community. There are solely 20,000 people whom have attended Burning Man more than three times and whom desire to attend in the future, that is what the census states. 800,000 people are on the Burning Man Facebook page, most of whom have not ventured to the desert prior, and whom have not contributed towards the crowd sourced events, they solely desire to attend an awesome party. My belief is might the number of directed tickets not been raised, more than half of buyers of tickets in 2015 might be newbies, it is awesome, and it is necessary, that the BMOrg raised the number of tickets purposed towards the Burner community, in despite of some in the BMOrg solely desiring to direct tickets towards early entry people required to build the city, and in despite of us not knowing whom the tickets are directed towards, more tickets will be spread within the community.

        • ABP, what evidence do you have that the 5,000 additional tickets, or any of the directed sales tickets for that matter, will go to veterans? Why cannot they direct those tickets to CCamp virgins and their sherpas?

          • Nomad, happy new year, no evidence, solely 20,000 is a bigger number, the BMOrg should have directed 20,000 tickets towards the Burner community within 2013, and within 2014, but they desired their 40 per cent virgins in the place of veterans. Directed tickets are limited to solely two tickets for each person, as you state it is easy peasy for the BMOrg to direct numerous tickets towards the Commodification camps, or Plug and Play camps, but, their campers must purchase their own two tickets eight months prior to the burn, and 5,000 tickets is a big number. The query of might more directed tickets be available towards theme camps, mutant vehicle owners, and volunteers to purchase for their mates, might be answered soon by burners happy to be upon the directed tickets list for 2015.

            I am of the belief it is awesome that more tickets might be directed towards the Burner community, it is necessary for the BMOrg to do so to maintain the event and the community. By what rationale would a person contribute towards the event, and towards the community, might their partner, and their close mates, were not to obtain tickets?

          • Where do you get the limit of two tkts for directed sales? We have people reporting on FB that their camp, in their second year, was offered six DS tkts, and the offer was subjective and arbitrary; no criteria or caclulus for the number was offered them. The offer is also at the regular tkt price.

            From this track record, the BOrg could decide to offer a direct sale of 20 tkts for well-heeled virgins and 40 tkts for the sherpas to watch their bikes. I doubt this would show up in BMP BoD meeting minutes. I think the 5,000 tkts could be good if they are being removed from the BOrg gray market scalping, but could just as easily be used to support the expansion of CCamps.

          • It is within the FAQ on the tickets page, each person might purchase solely two directed $390 tickets. The camps obtain the number of directed tickets their members might purchase, and select the members whom are to purchase the tickets. As you state, the favorite camps of the BMOrg might have numerous tickets directed towards them, but the tickets are purchased by the members in due of solely two directed tickets might be purchased by each person.

          • There is no mention of that limit here:

            This link was cited on FB by Robert Hafner for the directed sales ticketing for his camp:
            Robert Hafner – I don’t have the exact number, but I believe we were offered six tickets. To quote, “Please understand that we cannot support the total population of a camp with this program, only the minimum core necessary to produce a camp.” The prices were the exact same as all tickets are- there was no discount or additional fees added.

            This program was created after the 2012 debacle where tickets sold out really quickly and their lottery system kind of screwed people, as a lot of people complained that they were unable to plan a camp or art project because they couldn’t get tickets.
            December 28, 2014 at 6:34pm

            Cyrano Reisende – Was there a rule that you had to have a legacy of at least a year to get the tickets, of was that unofficial?
            December 28, 2014 at 6:36pm

            Robert Hafner That’s right in the FAQ- [link above]

            Robert Hafner – 2013 was my camp’s first year as a camp and while we did get early arrival passes we were not given directed group sale access (which makes sense because the directed group sale happens before the theme camp applications even open up). 2014 is what i’m referring to.
            December 28, 2014 at 6:42pm

            Cyrano Reisende – What was your camp size in 2013?
            December 28, 2014 at 6:47pm

            Robert Hafner – We thought we’d have 40 but ultimately had about 20, although because of this we took in a few people who were not technically part of our camp but needed place to stay. We did send an email to our placement coordinator to let them know that we had less people than we expected, that we gave back some of our land, and that we were expecting out camp to grow in size. So they should have expected that we were going to be a 40 person camp when they did the directed group sale.
            December 28, 2014 at 7:01pm

            ABP, where did you find your two-ticket limit for direccted sales?

          • Yes, I can see that for 2015. Perhaps there has been a policy change, but obviously two tks is not going to make a theme camp happen. They obviously have to have a setup for multiple people to purchase two tkts. Easy enough to game the system as I originally mentioned since there is no explicit criteria of accounting of the directed tkts.

            Without policy and accounting of who got what, presuming the 5,000 tkts are to the benefit if the burners is drinking the grape Flavor-Aid as is intended for the faithful.

          • Nomad, we are in agreement on this more than we are in disagreement. I am curious might art car owners obtain directed tickets for them and their mates, might Gate, BRC Rangers, and DPW volunteers obtain directed tickets for their partners and their mates, and might theme camps whom contribute mightily find obtaining directed tickets easier within 2015? All are very deserving of directed tickets.

          • Yes, and those good reasons are the facade behind which they can do what they will, since there is no explicit policy not disclosure of to whom the DT sales are directed.

            The Lathe of Burners.me trims away what the BOrg does and discloses. But instead of leading to honesty and transparency, they are just making things harder to follow. If they wanted to be honest, it would be easy. But as you have found, they choose to make things obtuse and obfuscated.

  8. What is interesting is that with true transparency, it would all be so easy for the BOrg. While personal gain is certainly a factor in their obfuscation, I believe they are reveling in all the attention as a narcissistic supply.

    You would almost think that they presume the rest of the world is stupid enough to believe their numbers, but it is more nefarious than that. The lies, as identified by ABP, are eyewash for the faithful, since they will believe anything. (If the IRS and the CA AG are concerned, that is why they pay more for lawyers than art.) At the same time, they fire up more attention, highlighting the control the BOrg has over their NV burn world. Why answer a question in a week or so, when you can draw it out for months, or years of attention.

    Another interesting aspect is how they use ticketing to choose who will be at their private party. First, directed sales are the unpaid entertainment, the brilliant and key element to their nouveau Bohemian Grove scam. Then the individual sales are to kick up the revenues and keep up the virgin count to dilute any of those troublesome burners. (If they wanted burners they would have a grandfathered ticket class, offered based on number of years of attendance before 2011, weighted to earlier attendance.) And the $800 tix are to get the CCamps to pay their way. As ABP pointed out, does not take too many people to snag several braces of tickets for those who did not buy their way into the BOrg ticket back market.

    And as for taking all those overhead soft costs to spread the the “Burning Man culture,” just where have we seen that codified other than in the Tin Principles? You know: Article 1 of the BMP bylaws. Didn’t Larry say they were only guidelines, and had a natural conflict. But they are right in that working to reconcile the Tin Principles of Burning Man and the needs of an NPD BoD could be a lifetime project.

    • I think you cracked the code. Burner Profiles and the ratio of Burgins does make it seem like veterans are specifically discriminated against. Things would be much different if veterans refused to put on the party for the Safaris and the Burgins: maybe the money machine would stop, and maybe new people would step up.

      Encouraging directed sale recipients from boycotting the fucked up BM system may not become popular,so I’ll just say this: occasionally go camping in a desert with some people, add some non-survival fun items to your survival gear, and you’ll probably have an awesome and potentially transformational experience. Even if everybody dumped the BMP, the Tin Principles, the bullshit fundraising, and the jet-setting, and simply said “Hang out in nature and make art”, the world would still probably be better off. It doesn’t have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

      BM doesn’t have a monopoly on nature camping with props; that myth got busted thousands of years ago. People just need to Think Outside the Perimeter.

      • Been there. Doing that. The NV burn experience helps, but the other burns have their own character and people. And I don’t miss the dust, even prefer mud to it.

  9. I’m just glad they didn’t implement the tax for not being an ethnic minority. BMorg was talking about this last year. The proposed fee for being white would start out at $10 and be raised $10 each following year. Some of that money would make it to Africa where BMorg is planning to bring Christmas and snow.

  10. My first thought…open excel. Further thoughts lead to me to consider alternatives that the folks I would want to share experience with could manage. Even further, If I tossed those bux into our regional gathering, on the condition that they were not to be used to create spectacle, what experience could I share.

    For truly, the playa has become spectacle.

  11. Happy holidays. In regards of the tickets, there is the good, the bad, and the ugly and the naughty. In due of the holiday, the good today, the bad, and the ugly and the naughty later.

    The good is 20,000 tickets are placed in the directed tickets sale, raised from 15,000 in 2014, and 10,000 in 2012 and 2013. This provides the opportunity for continuity of the Burner community. One might hope the mutant vehicle owners gain a significant number of tickets from the directed ticket sale this year, and, the BRC Rangers, GP&E, and DPW might also be included in the directed sale so they might purchase a brace of tickets for their close mates, in addendum to their free volunteer tickets, it is only fair to do so. Is this what is occurring?

    The good is also there was solely a small rise in ticket prices. The $800 presale ticket price is purposed to prevent scalpers from purchasing the presale tickets and scalping the tickets for profits, in despite of what the BMOrg might state. The rise from $380 to $390 for the 60,000 usual tickets is not a big rise, I had thought it might be a rise to an ironic $420.

    The good is also 69,000 tickets are stated to be sold, which means hidden sales, within the 70,000 permitted tickets towards paid participants, are not possible in 2015. The near to 3,000 tickets to employees and volunteers are in addendum to the 70,000 tickets to paid participants. The 1,000 difference between 69,000 and 70,000 might be in due of half price tickets sold towards volunteers whom might not be able to gain free tickets, and purposed towards assisting fire conclaves in attending Burning Man.

    The bad, and the very ugly and very naughty, must wait until the 26th.

    • In addendum, good might be the awesome artists might gain free tickets this year, in due of volunteers are not counted within the permitted 70,000 tickets for paid participants. I might hope the BMOrg states this to the artists, prior to the artists and their volunteer mates, purchasing their tickets.

    • Don’t forget the additional 1000s of tickets they sell beyond the stated numbers. Lease anyone forget a couple years back when they could not let more people in because they were over capacity. If you only sold what you stated for numbers you’d be fine but like an airline they oversell because some don’t show and others leave leaving room in the count for new folks to come in. They did not feel bad at all leaving folks stuck outside for hours. At least an airline will compensate you if they have to bump you.

    • The bad is of the 4,000 presale tickets for $800, 6 might be purchased by each person, with 3 vehicle passes, and the people purchasing these tickets are permitted to purchase further tickets within the 40,000 ticket regular sale. In 2014, 4 presale tickets were permitted to be be purchased at a time. Thus, within 2015, solely 3 couples are permitted to purchase 36 tickets, and more tickets might be obtained within the regular sale.

      This is purposed to permit a few people, organizing a plug and play camp, to purchase numerous tickets and sell the tickets and a spot together within their plug and play camp towards their future customers, in a commercial manner. The BMOrg might have halted the Donation tickets during the summer months, but permitting 6 presale tickets to each person serves the same purpose.

      Perchance, the BMOrg might state this is purposed to permit the 10:00 and 2:00 sound camps to gain tickets for their DJs, it is needed for this purpose. BMOrg, here is a different solution, gift the tickets to the sound camps, purposed towards supporting the sound camps in bringing their gifts to the community, this is solely fair.

    • In addendum, the bad is solely 27,000 vehicle passes are to be sold within 2015, it is a decision by the BMOrg, it is not a decision by the BLM. Of the 40,000 ticket main sale, solely 14,000 vehicle passes are to be sold. It is very difficult to bring contributions to BRC, this solely presents further difficulties towards Burners attempting to contribute towards the throwing of the crowd sourced event. BMOrg, it would be fair to gift vehicle passes to the owners of mutant vehicles entering BRC. In addendum, it would be fair to gift tickets to the owners of mutant vehicles.

    • The very ugly, and the very naughty, is the BMOrg posted again the ‘Where Does My Ticket Money Go?‘ in support of their 2015 ticket prices. The sole changes to the document, in difference from this document posted within 2014 August, are changing the $380 ticket cost and $40 vehicle pass cost of 2014, to the $390 and the $50 of 2015, while the document intentionally hides, from donors of art, cash, stock, labour, and entertainment towards their tickets buyers, hides the cash, from the ticket money, that goes towards the large cash out paid towards the six of them, whom are on the 501(c)3 Burning Man Project board, and with some in firm executive control of the Project and of the Burning Man event. Might a lawyer state to us how in bloody hell might actively hiding large amounts of cash directed towards themselves be legal within California 501(c)3 law?

      a) ‘The space we use is managed by the Bureau of Land Management
      (BLM) and our 2013 fees to them totaled $4,522,952.’ No, the BLM, upon being queried, stated they received $3.5 million, not $4.5 million. Where is the missing $1 million? I estimated this was a licence levy for usage of the Burning Man(TM) name and trademarks paid towards their for profit Decommodification LLC in due of the afterburn ledger item was ‘BLM and other usage fees‘ and in due of this lie. I have not termed it a lie prior, but knowingly repeating false information is a lie.

      b) This document is intentionally misleading, a main cost from the ticket prices is their estimated large cash out. While the document does state ‘These are just some of the specific needs that your ticket money covers’, the title ‘Where Does My Ticket Money Go?’, and, within the document ‘… and we’d like to let you know where your ticket money goes’ directly implies of the large costs of the event will be stated within the document, but, their large cash out is not stated. The term, in common usage, for this is lie of omission.

      • In addendum, as a clarification, the large amounts of cash directed towards their Decommodification LLC for purchase of their Burning Man(TM) trademarks and IP, is, by appearance, in due of contracts penned prior to the BRC LLC, dba Burning Man, becoming part of the Burning Man Project, perchance within the manditory conditions attached upon the donation of the BRC LLC to the Project. Thus, the query is not in regards of self-dealing, of which they absolutely did not do in penning these contracts, the query is in regards of actively hiding the cash directed towards them, while being in near total executive control of the Project and of the BRC LLC, might be legal within California 501(c)3 law.

        • Any self dealing between the 501(c)(3) and directors/key employees will have to be disclosed on the 990 filed with the IRS. However, since filing extensions can push the due date of the 990 to November 15 of the following year, it will be a long time before we see any payouts from the 2015 ticket sales disclosed. However, the 2014 numbers SHOULD be available now.

          • Do you mean the 2013 numbers, upon the 990 form of the Project, should be available now? But, the 2013 numbers might not be of use, the transfer, or the donation, of the BRC LLC to the Project occurred on December 31, 2013 and January 1, 2014. Are you of the belief of their self dealing in regards of the transfer, or donation, should be upon their 2013 990 form? The real 2014 numbers, of the Project and the BRC LLC subsidiary corporation, might not be available upon their 990 form prior to November 2015 or January 2016, the BMOrg delays their forms for the longest time that they might.

          • Our brilliant mate tells us the details of any self dealing within a California 501(c)3 corporation must be disclosed and included within the minutes of the 501(c)3 board meetings, thus the details of their self dealing in regards of the transfer, or donation, of the BRC LLC to the Project must be within the minutes of the Project board meetings in the later months of 2013.

          • We talked with her further, and she was of the opinion of this being included within the minutes, is within a usual conflicts of interests policy of a California 501(c)3 public benefit corporation. The conflicts of interests policy, and the bylaws, of the Project might be different, but not by a large amount.

          • Ugh, I was in year confusion. The 2013 990 should be available now. From my understanding, the board minutes should be available upon request. BMP has until November 2015 to file the 990 for 2014, which should be very illuminating. But if someone can inspect the board minutes, we could get even better documentation of self dealing. I’m just a lowly CPA; I can interpret a 990 but don’t know all the ins & outs of nonprofit law.

          • ^Awesome comment. Guidestar states it is two months, at the least, after the form is submitted prior to it being available, thus the 2013 form might be available this winter.

  12. Not being a math genius I can still quickly deduce that 4000 tickets sold at $800 each does more than double duty for the 4000 low income tickets sold at $190.

    • Not fair… NOT FAIR! You are taking them at their word and using math against them. You say you are not a math genius, but I suspect you may be following the teachings of Al Gebra. If you use math, the terrorists win! Trust the BOrg in all things having to do with numbers.

  13. JRS said:
    “We’ve worked hard to keep the price of tickets down, despite increasing event production costs. In 2012 the main tier was $390. When we got rid of tiered pricing the following year, we lowered the main tier to $380, which it has been for the past two years. This year there is an increase of just $10, putting the main price back at $390. (Learn where your ticket money goes.)
    Higher priced Pre-Sale tickets help to keep the regular ticket price down and offset the cost of the Low Income Ticket Program.”

    They continue to claim “increasing event production costs”. Yet, in spite of continued calls for financial transparency, they offer no proof that event production costs are rising. Nor do they discuss how the cashout factors into this, or the confusing Borg statements regarding how the BMP gets funded from event tickets, or the discrepancy in BLM fees, OR how they seem to be making millions each year, including on vehicle passes. Nor have they proved their statement that Low Income Tickets are subsidized by higher ticket prices since the removal otiered tickets.

    Transparency or it didn’t happen.

    • Agree reb, whenever they do anything they always offer up ‘we worked hard’ and yet never show the numbers that would prove it. Half their working hard is cleaning up the messes they make so I don’t consider that work on our behalf.

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