New Rangers Tarot Deck features images from Burning Man: order NOW!



re-blogged via WordPress at the request of the author [now removed]

[Update 2/4/15 11:11pm] The author has made her original post promoting the sale password-protected, claiming no more cards are available. The card sale was always scheduled to end on February 4th anyway. If you write a blog post about how great the Burning Man tarot cards are that your friends are selling, don’t be surprised if they sell out of those cards. Burning Man is pretty popular these days, you can blame The Simpsons for that (and the dozens of other TV shows and celebrity promoters).

If BMOrg can sell out of $800 tickets that get you the same thing as $390 tickets, then whoever it is behind these can sell out of Burning Man Tarot cards too. Following the principle of Immediacy, you have to jump on these things when you see them. Then again, a search for “Burning Man” on eBay brings up 6,844 items for sale.

What Burning Man product will be for sale on the Internet next? Another occult one? Anyone feel brave enough to take a guess?

8 comments on “New Rangers Tarot Deck features images from Burning Man: order NOW!

  1. I don’t understand what the problem is. That deck was created by private individual burners as a labor of love for their friends and fellow burners. They are not affiliated with the bmorg in any way. When the deck was first announced, it was stated that they were a limited production and that there was a one week window for them.


    • I don’t see what the problem is either. I think the OP is trying to create drama. I see it as just yet another Burning Man thing that is sold out. Since The Simpsons, everything “Burner” sells quickly.


    • why are you blaming us? You wrote the blog post promoting the cards, I clicked the “re-blog” button on your post. You are the one that made your post password-protected now, we didn’t take any site down. Our site only linked to your site.


      • “why are you blaming us? ”

        Well, maybe because you’ve turned this little blog of yours into a wall that people can throw all kinds of shit at and see how much sticks regardless who gets splattered.

        Don’t get me wrong. I think you’ve done a service in exposing and shouting out some of the more egregious, hypocritical bullshit that’s been flowing forth from the Original Cast members and their Board of Sycophants on this blog of yours. But when you start casting your net too wide you inevitably start to come off as losing focus and sounding shrill and mean-spirited. This post is fine example of that no matter how much you might protest to the contrary.

        For what its worth I’m familiar with the people who made these cards. They were done for a specific group of people long associated with the event. They were done for no other reason that to make some schwag available to those who love collecting that kind of stuff. It isn’t like this was some ongoing Etsy project in which the maker planned to flense the whale of its skin. Casting the effort in such a light seems unnecessarily mean-spirited.

        Lest I come off as someone who hasn’t fucked up or made an ass out of themselves let me confess. I have. Just not today.

        Today’s your day to be the petty little prick. I’ll give you a B+ for your effort.


        • Thanks for the detailed feedback. I have no problem with them selling Tarot Cards – my original blog post had commentary highlighting the occult element. Art Predator seems to blame Burners.Me for the cards selling out, but the sale was always due to end the day we published our story anyway.

          As I point out in the post update, there are almost 7,000 Burning Man-related items for sale on eBay now.

          Over 3 years of this blog I have been very consistent in saying that I don’t think BMOrg can stop commerce at Burning Man, and highlighting examples of it creeping in. Likewise, I have NEVER been critical of rich people going to Burning Man. This week there seem to be a lot of people out on the Interwebz trying to put words in my mouth that are contradictory to both those positions.

          “It isn’t like this was some ongoing Etsy project in which the maker planned to flense the whale of its skin. Casting the effort in such a light seems unnecessarily mean-spirited.”

          Can you provide an example of where I said anything remotely like that? I didn’t try to cast the tarot makers’ effort in any such light.


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