2 comments on “What to Pack for Burning Man: A Comprehensive List

  1. I’d add a few more items:

    – Foot powder and foot cream (Gold Bond)
    – Big pack of tube socks (not to be worn with Tevas) [bartering/gifting]
    – Extra batteries (can be used to barter with, as can tube socks)
    – Extra toilet paper, again be used to barter/gift.
    – Pepto Bismol in caplets only because the liquid makes you puke.
    – Imodium, in case you get the runs
    – Soft leather work gloves, an absolute must
    – Iodine for those little cuts you get all on your hands, to avoid staph.
    – Big box of band aids, among other first aid items
    – Extra underwear, Hanes long leg whities to avoid thigh chafing (barter also)
    – Cigarettes, even if you don’t smoke (barter/gift)
    – Plenty of lighters or matches, by the end of the week these are pure gold
    – Extra painkillers – Aleve, my preference
    – Cash, because you never know.

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